Worry Not for Yourself or Worry for All

I am so selfish. There are millions, rather billions of people in the planet, but I am only bothered about by problems, miseries, happiness and enjoyment. At this moment , there are so many people who are happy and many who are in misery, but right now, I am bothered about my goal or problem which may be sometime in the future -I am so selfish – So egoistic – So full of “myself”- so full of the sense of “I”.


I should worry for each and every life and non-life in this universe, including stars, planets, supernovas millions of light years away 


I should bother for None – NOT EVEN MYSELF, for I am NO other than them, for I am a part of the whole.


Compromise is an excuse for the person who is constantly in dreamland; constantly in despair, anger and frustration. Compromise means, you want to do something, you have dream, you have a desire, you have an imagination and you are not able to life up to your imagination. Compromise has a place in your life when you are not realistic. There is no point trying to live in an imaginary world.

Compromise is a block, it is a wall in front of you, it is accumulation of energy. When the same energy is allowed to flow freely, a song, a dance or poetry can come out of it..it is transformed into creativity

“Mind”, “Beyond the Mind” and “Innovation”

The mind is nothing but a collection of “Objects” and “Language”. Objects include everything that make up this world, including humans. Language is used to label or define the objects. Objects and their labels and their relation with each other forms “Knowledge”.

My friend is also an object and I have labelled him with his name and related him to me with some language. Unfortunately and unknowingly “I” (Myself) am also a part of my mind, and I have been labelled with a name and related to other objects (including other humans) using language. This relation is a part of my knowledge. So, we come to this conclusion that, objects are real and present in the world outside but the relations are nothing more than fiction which we take is as the truth and these fictional relationships are a cause of ultimate misery of human beings. We take these fictional, language based relationships to be the truth. This is a different topic but it was required in order to explain the mind. Since the objects all over the world are same, the relationships are same, no matter what the language is used, the mind of all the people across the world is the same. It is a collective mind.

If I say the word “Television”, the language being a part of my mind, immediately brings the picture of television in front of me. If I show the picture of a television without using any label or language, the world “television” come to my mind.  This we all know.

Now if I say the word “ksjuojanoihfdaoidh”, since this is a “label” you have not known, the mind is not able to come up with a picture of the said word. Since this is not a code or any kind of encryption, even if you browse through the dictionaries of all the languages of this world, you will not be able to come up with the “object” that is related to the said word. Had you been using a computer for searching, it would have returned “Not found”, it means that it is not a part of its database. If you are searching using Google, it would suggest the nearest known “label” but will not be able to search the picture related to the said word. Your mind will not be able to come up with something related to the given word. The mind will come to a stand still.

But at the same time, since the given word means absolutely nothing – or the given world cannot be used to label any available object, it gives you utter freedom to CREATE ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING ABSTRACT  WITH THIS GIVEN WORD. This  is innovation. This is a process of going beyond the mind. This also proves that there is a space that is beyond the human mind, and this is the space of creativity. This is the space we we need to be in order to continuously innovate.

What I did here is – I created an abstract goal – a goal that cannot be understood by or solved by the human mind. In the process, innovation happened.

This capacity of coming up with absolutely anything abstract is a UNIQUE ABILITY OF HUMAN BEINGS. Innovation is a capability of humans beings and not of computers, no matter how powerful or artificially intelligent the machine is.



Human beings are not accustomed to freedom; This is the reason why we are always in problem, one problem after the other. We pick our own problems – Freedom is dangerous. The moment we have a problem, we are not free. A problem could be anything, an unfulfilled desire or anything that we want to solve and not solving. Without your problems, what will you do? what will you desire? what problems will you solve?

If you are left without problems for sometime, you will start desiring and out of that desiring your will create problems.

A quantum leap is required to reverse this prevailing condition.


What a wonderful and touching poetry…


The following poem i have written to dedicate to all the kids who were the most vulnerable victims of crimes across the world.


mumma i love you a lot

only you loved me i thought

i opened my eyes to see you

and to see this world all new


mumma I am growing up everyday

learning new words from you to say

that you love me and i love you so much

by letting me feel warm with your touch


mumma now take me to the school

My friends think of me so cool

i love to dance and eat and play

o i can make this world with my clay


mumma a man with a gun came

he was stupid with bad frame

he shot something at all of us

and we had red color upon us


mumma you do the best for me

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The moment you possess, you spoil the beauty

The moment you possess anything, you do not allow it to be, you spoil its beauty. I will tell you to experiences of mine, and why I think “To possess is to spoil”.

Story 1: Possessing spoils the beauty

Yesterday I went to a shopping mall. I had nothing to buy, but I just wanted to visit. It was a new shopping mall, it was beautiful. Nice colors all around, various colorful posters, new shops advertisements – the feeling was good.

I came across a shop which was selling mobile phones – all the latest ones. You know that shops which sell electronic gadgets are kept very clean to avoid any dust etc (especially in India, because there is a lot of dust around and to keep this devices clean, these shops or showrooms are utterly clean). The shop was new, beautifully decorated, all glass showcases displaying the latest variety of mobile phones.

I was attracted to the showroom, anyone would be. It was a beautiful shop. As I was going through the mobile phones which were displayed, desire arose. I started thinking of buying one of them. Though the cell phone that I was using was not very old, I was still thinking of buying another one.

I suddenly came across a phone which was the same model that I was using.  I could not recognize it because it was sparkling, without a single scratch, it looked beautiful in the light, every key in the key board was absolutely new and the every alphabet and number in the keyboard was distinctly visible, even though they were small they were visible distinctly. In the showcase, there was hell and heaven difference between “My” phone and the one that was still not “possessed”. It did not even belong to the shop owner, he has the responsibility to just preserve it “as it is” so that some buyer will one day “possess” it.

I took out my phone and compared with the one in the showcase. I placed it right beside the new one. I felt very ashamed of myself. “What have I done to my phone. I have spoiled the beauty of this beautiful device – it was someones creativity. It was someones genius, but look what have I done to it”. I was ashamed of myself.  My be I paid for it, but it was someones creativity, I did not make it, I did not design it. I did not but the “Creativity”. Some very creative person must have created it. I had no right to do what I have done to this device.

This is what happens. The moment you possess something, you do not give any respect to it. That particular thing loses respect. It is as if we have all the right to do whatever we want with it. The moment we pay for it, we feel that it is ours. We should have at least respected the creativity of the person who designed it.

But the moment we possess, we forget everything about it. We mishandle it. As if this is nothing. Have you ever wondered, why the device looked so beautiful in the showcase in the showroom. It was because it was not possessed by anyone.

The shopkeeper was much better than me. He understands that it is not his, it is someone else’s property, he respects it. He has understood his responsibility. But I did not. After paying, I spoiled it. It was so bad of me.

Story 2: Desire to possess also spoils the beauty in your own eyes.

One day I driving home. I have a small car. In India, the roads are filled with small cars – because they are fuel efficient, less costly and lesser parking problems.

I too have a small car. It is a Suzuki made – In India it is called – Zen Estilo. I was happily driving home. I was waiting in the signal, it was a crossing, and suddenly a BMW 750 came from behind and stood right beside me. I was spell bound for a moment. It was beautiful. Then suddenly desire arose. I wanted to possess that car. There developed, for some kind of a enmity with the beautiful BMW, because I did not have it. Then suddenly the feelings changed. My focus went from the car to my mind, I started thinking about how to own that car. The car was no longer beautiful. It became a enemy. It was whether I have it or I don’t have it. I was, for that moment, not feeling very happy with my own car. There was no happiness. It was stress inside. The desire was shouting at me that “You are worthless because you do have have this beautiful BMW, and the car you are driving is utter shit”

Then suddenly I became aware of this desire of mine. I came out of this desire. In that very moment, when I looked at the BMW, it was very beautiful again. What a car it is. I looked at the car very carefully because now there was no enmity with it. It had beautiful shape, the contours were wonderful, the color was wonderful, the head lamps and tail lamps were also beautiful. The car was shinning in the sun. The feeling was wonderful.

When the desire ended, the enmity was no longer there. What actually happens is, when you desire, you do not look at the object of desire. Your eyes get clouded by desire and you become blind. Then “You” become important. Your thoughts rush and your eyes are clouded. It completely spoils the beauty of the object or whatever the thing is .

The same is with life – we are full of desire and we want to possess. We try to possess people, things, objects and everything, we want to own. But the moment you own, the thing or person you want to own, loses its respect. It becomes your slave, you take away its freedom. Nothing can be beautiful, if the freedom is taken away.

When you desire, you become a slave of that object. You lose your freedom. And nothing looks beautiful to you. Life become heavy and pathetic. Live become that of a slave.

So when you possess or try to possess, you make that person or object into a slave and when you desire, you become the slave of the object or person.

Your mind is the Society

If you do something new, the society may not accept. Each and every person will have their own comments – good, bad, right, wrong etc. Most of them will stop you from doing it. You all must have had this experience. Even if they do not stop you physically, they will have their own comments. They will discuss within themselves about your new endeavor – whatever it is. Some people will say that you are right and some people will say that you are wrong. If these people in the society are made to sit together and have a group discussion on your new endeavor, they will continue to argue for years. But have you ever thought, why are these people always discussing – because they want to know the outcome of your new endeavor. But one thing is clear that they cannot stop you physically from doing what you want to do and they cannot ever come to a conclusion. It is impossible. No one is able to know the future. That is why I say that the discussion will continue for years and one day they will forget or they will give up being tired of discussing.

Imagine that one day the society vanishes, no one is there. You are alone with your new plan. The moment you “think” of working on your plan, you mind starts speaking. It will talk about right and wrong, good and bad etc etc. There will start a discussion in your mind. A group discussion – consisting of various voices. Some voices will say good, some will say bad, some will say right, and some will say wrong.

If you watch is closely, it is the same group discussion that would have happened between the people in the society. The comments or objections that will come in your mind while you are alone, will be the same comments raised by the people in the society.

The comments or objections are always the same, whether it is in your mind, or the society. You mind also raises the same objections. This is because, whatever we have learned, it is from the society. The good, the bad, the right and the wrong has been decided by the society. So whatever the mind knows is nothing but what the society knows. It is all the crowd knows. In short, your mind is the society. Your mind is crowd.

Your mind consists of all the people living in the society. That is why a group discussion is possible in your mind. That is why there are various opinions. If there was only “one”, then the questions of “yes” and “No” would not be there. A discussion would not be possible. A discussion will be possible only when there are more than one. Difference of opinion is possible only when there are more than one inside. All these people, since they are in your mind, that the form of “I”, in your mind.

You think that it is you saying once – yes- and once – no. But in reality there are many people giving their own free opinion to you in your mind.


Whenever you mind objects or raises questions, know that it is not you, it is the society objecting or raising questions. And similarly the discussion in your mind is also because it wants to know the outcome, it wants to see the result. You must have noticed, that you also always want to know “what will happen?”,whenever you want to do something new.

The discussion in your mind, will also fade and eventually stop once you don’t give a damn to it. This is the way. You can do away with the society, by only not listening to what your mind says.

You cannot erase the society but you can always go beyond your mind. Going beyond the mind is going beyond the society. You can always know the millions of voices inside, and say to yourself “I will no longer listen to you” and go ahead in life.

But the final question is of this one “I” who says “I will no longer listen to you”. Even if you do away with all the “I”s made up of the society, this one “I” remains. Doing away with this final “I” is the final step towards enlightenment.


Creativity happens when one aligns himself or herself to the supreme intelligence, the only intelligence. If you look around, you will see that each and every human is utterly unique. All humans are different. This shows that nature is the greatest creator, it does not repeat.

If you want to be creative, you have to align yourself with the supreme intelligence. You have to push yourself beyond the mind. Then you do not have to be creative, creativity will happen.