In Search of the “My”

This is a continuation of my post “Are you really the person in the mirror?” 

I was puzzled yesterday when I realized that the body was not mine. It functions automatically without my interference. I realized that it is just like an intelligent Instrument given to “me” by existence by Creation, because the functioning of the body is a part of creation or existence. Creation created it as was gifted to me when I was born and I will carry it with me till my death. After that it will be returned to existence – Since I am a Hindu, the body will be cremated and all will be converted to ashes and will go into the earth. It will return to the source. It was given to “me” and then after some time, it will be taken back. It has to return to the source. This proves that the body which I call mine is NOT MINE. But I foolishly keep calling it “MY BODY”. It is never good to call, something that belongs to the other, as “MINE”. The body is a gift on returnable basis. It belongs to someone else and it will be taken back. You do not know when it will be taken back. 

The Next question is who is body given to? To whom is the body given to on a returnable basis? Who will have the body for may be 70-80 years? Who mistakenly calls the body is “His” or “hers”. 

A baby in the womb starts growing from a cell. Initially it is just a cell. It keeps growing and growing on it own. It takes shape. Hands, feet, body, heart, brain, veins, bones form on its own, inside the womb. What is making it, what is giving it a shape? What intelligence is supervising it when the baby in the womb is under development – all these things are beyond the control of Humans and they still happen. 

The baby in the womb is doing nothing for the development of his body and other parts. I am sure we all understand this. Then who is doing it? The baby is not, the mother is not,the father is not. But the mother calls the baby as “My Baby”. She did not create the child, she did not create the body of the child, she did not take part is the development of the body of the child while it was in the womb. She only provided the womb. The womb was also not created by the mother. No one in the world can create a womb. The womb definitely does not belong to the mother. 

So, the baby did not create his or her own body while he was in the womb, it did not give the body a particular shape, did not create the heart, the brain, the lungs, the liver, the veins – The baby does not help the body grow with time after he is she is born, does not make the heart beat or the blood flow – but the baby, when he or she grows up, owns the body. He or she calls the body as his or her. 

This is a mistake. Why do you think we are making a mistake? Why do we call it mine? This mistake has to be very clearly understood. This will clear all our hurdles and make us free of sorrow and suffering. 

When A child is born, it is pure. It is just like a flower. It is like a fresh leaf, bright green. It is just like dew drops on the leaf early in the morning. They are very close to God. 

A one month born child is also capable to look around. He is able to move his hands and legs. He cries and makes some noise.He does not have any knowledge, he does not know how to act, what to say, whether to keep quite or not. He does not have any objective like we have. His actions are pure. So a child does not mentally suffer like we do. A child does not have problems like we have. He is pure consciousness. 

What can be so pure? What is there is a flower that is not in a grown up human being? It is consciousness.Consciousness is God. It is the Purest. 

Consciousness is pure space. It is a “no-thing”. Consciousness does not have a sense of “I” or “My”. Therefore the child, is Pure consciousness. Consciousness is the space where the supreme Intelligence works. Consciousness is the space where the supreme Intelligence or Creation or Existence Manifests. Whatever happens, all forms, they all happen in the consciousness. 

Consciousness is polluted when the mind starts forming. It is the only place where information that is taken in through the senses, gather and form our memory. The mind becomes a part of Consciousness, but we are only aware of the mind and not consciousness. 

The child, when he is born is a “no-thing”. It is a part of the whole. It is just like a flower. It does not know that he or she has a body. The body is Just there like anything else – he or she is pure consciousness. 

Since the child is pure consciousness and pure consciousness is a “no-thing”, in order to be something, the child develops an “I”. The child starts to develop various Identities with time. This happens automatically as the consciousness gets filled up with information form outside, through the senses. 

Please read my post – “Ego – The Greatest Obstacle to Creativity and Innovation” you will understand it completely.  

These Identities that from in the consciousness of the child, are all imaginary. The knowledge that he has gained, forms his mind. The moment the mind forms, the person is split. He is split between the mind and the consciousness. The consciousness is manifesting, it is continuously creating, it has its own will, which we call the will of God – but the knowledge, the logic the mind of the person thinks otherwise. The mind generally goes against the will of God or the supreme intelligence, which leads to enormous amount of mental tension.  

All these Identities form the mind of the person. The Identities gives the person a sense of “I”, but it is all imagination. And all our lives, we keep strengthening our “I”s. All our actions are directed towards strengthening our “I”s. We do not allow the consciousness to work, because it is all filled up with knowledge, and we try to solve all our problems with logic and knowledge and fail to understand that there is also a world that is beyond logic.  

Because the “I” forms, in order to strengthen that “I”, we try to possess everything and label it as “My”. The same logic is applicable to understand why in spite of several proofs, that the body is not in our control, we still call it “our” body, otherwise, what will we be? So, first thing that we own in this world is our “Body” and this owning is nothing more than an Imagination in order to strengthen the “I”. 

In reality there is no “I”. It is of the Ego. The ego is an Imaginary identity created with knowledge, otherwise who will we be? We are pure consciousness. We are pure space.  

This “I” creates all the problems. This “I” makes our life hell. It splits us into two. We are never at peace. The moment you do away with this “I”, you become pure consciousness, your life becomes utterly creative, you align yourself with the supreme intelligence or creation or Existence.  

The  only goal of humanity should be do away with the Imaginary “I” and create space for creation or existence to act through you.

When You Would Stop Hurting The Other

We generally do something or do not do something depending on what trigger we receive from inside. Some kind of bad feelings tell us that we should not do and good feelings tell us to do that particular activity. I am not talking about what the mind is telling us, or what the inner talk is, I am taking only of the feeling.

The mind orders and the heart suffers. Always remember this statement. All feelings are connected with the heart. The mind is simply a computer program. 

Normally we tend to hurt others – this is normal human nature. This is bad. But this does not change overnight. 

If you create space, or have access to the supreme intelligence, you will one day stop hurting others.

We would stop hurting the other the day we feel tremendously hurt, may be a million time more, after hurting the other to the slightest extent, you know you are in the right path. Generally we feel happy after hurting the other or yelling at the other, but the day the reverse would happen, which happens very rarely, we should know that spaces have started growing inside and we are connecting with the supreme intelligence.

You may feel hurt or you may feel fear or remorse or sad or anything after even talking loudly with the other. There will be again an object forming inside, an uneasiness, a block will be felt. This feeling of sadness or fear, will be there to give you a signal or to intimate you not to do that again in future. And the best part is you will never do it again, just to maintain your sanity, peace of mind. This action of hurting the other will put you in so much distress, you would say, “even of the other hurts me I will not hurt the other”. When this happens know that you are in the right path.

This will be there because, already the spaces have expanded inside. A normal, very small intensity feeling of resistance will trigger various other feelings of resistance, that were there  from the past. It will be just the filling up of spaces by other lingering emotions inside the body. This will be a signal that enormous amount of spaces have been created inside.

These are all signs, that shows that you are growing, you have started accessing the supreme intelligence. Remember, when spaces have started forming, you will automatically know what to do and what not to do. It is the existence speaking. It is the supreme Intelligence. You will just know. You will be guided.

What is belief?

This is the most important post as far as knowing consciousness is concerned.


All my life I have been wondering what exactly is belief. There was a time when I used to go to a psychiatrist   for counselling. She always told me to believe. I never understood. I asked the same question to her again and again. It was never clear. My parents told me to believe in god. I never believed. I tried my level best to by I could not. I, being a Hindu, visited many temples. But could not believe. I thought, what good is going to happen if I pray? And this is all waste of time. Somehow I did not believe.
But do you think I did not believe anything? I did. I believed always in the bad. I was conditioned that way. 

Conditioning means “Filling-up”. “Filling up” is just a word, to make you understand, because consciousness cannot be understood, neither can it be defined. For defining you need boundaries, coordinates, but it has none. It is eternity. It has not end.

Space cannot be defined. Space can be known. To make you know, I have to first create an object, which can be defined and then remove it. Thus creating space in the place where the object was placed. Creation of space can be only known this way. This is why I have used the word “Filling-up”. Just to make you know “object” and when the object is removed, you know space.

Similarly internal spaces can be known, when there is some object inside you, somewhere some block, some internal occupant, some uneasiness. When this is dissolved, space will be created. Or when you can go beyond it, more space is available. These blocks are your thoughts, argument and emotions.

These internal arguments happen whenever there is a block. An external situation which we resist creates a blockage, to do away with this blockage we argue internally or may be sometimes we argue loudly also. This block can be felt in the form of an uneasiness inside our body.But this argument is again based on knowledge that we have gained till date. It is based on logic. It is old. It cannot solve a present problem.  So the internal argument with the present situation continues and continues till it subsides on its own. By the time this argument stops, other arguments have started. This is an unending process. 

The more unwanted the situation, greater the block, more thee uneasiness and louder the argument inside. In these times, in times of crisis, of deep crisis, when the uneasiness becomes very prominent and the argument becomes very loud that you can hear yourself talk, the “filled up” can be detected. Once you detect, you become aware of the “filled-up”, and at the same time you become aware of consciousness. You come to know that despite of the deep crisis, you can still move. You change.The block or the uneasiness comes first. Then comes the internal arguments to rationalize the situation, in order to do away with the uneasiness inside your body. But these internal arguments can never do away with the uneasiness, because all arguments are old and what has one up in this “present moment” is something new, something unknown, that is why it is unwanted.

The argument comes when you are not able to see the end you use all your knowledge and logic, but still cannot see the end. The uneasiness and the inner argument increases and can be detected.

All your arguments will fail  or will continue till your death and may be beyond that ,because you cannot solve some unknown problem with something that you know.

So to know space, you have to first know the blocks, the obstructions, the lack of space. The awareness of this blocks, which are your thoughts, arguments and emotions will lead to knowing of more spaces or creation of spaces inside. Only then space can be understood. Otherwise not.

For creation of the spaces, blocks are essential.

Consciousness can never be filled up. There cannot be a block as large as consciousness. Consciousness is unending.  It is vast, unending, unfathomable. There is always space available. It is lack of awareness of the blocks that leads to “Filling Up”. Then there is no space left for anything else to enter. Only awareness has to be increases, awareness of the blocks inside.

The job of the Master is not to show you space or to make you know consciousness. The master creates obstacles “Fills up” and when you know that you are filled up, you try to find a way out and this creates awareness and the you become aware of the unending, unfathomable spaces inside you.Whenever there is a crisis in your life, know that the supreme intelligence, the only master is trying to make you aware. Be alert, be aware and you will know. Existence is giving you an opportunity to know the vast unending and unfathomable spaces available to you.

I did not believe in the good may be because all my life, I did not have this insight, that there is consciousness, that goes much beyond the “Filled-up”. I did not believe until one day.

When you have no uneasiness or no internal argument, no matter what happens, you have started to believe. Then belief gets converted to faith.

Let us see what belief is.

If I tell you that tomorrow all your problems will be solved? Will you believe?

If I tell you that tomorrow morning, you will see an apple growing in a mango tree. Would you believe?
If you are a software engineer and I tell you that tomorrow you will be a Movie Star? Would you believe?

If I tell you will receive the Nobel Prize? Will you believe?

If I tell you that tomorrow you will earn $ 1 Million out of the blue? Will you believe?

If I tell you that if you try, you can fly? Will you believer?

If I tell you that if you jump from the Empire State Building and will survive? Will you believe?

If I tell you that you will live 200 years? Will you believe?

If someone asks you to believe the above statements at gunpoint, imagine the kind of uneasiness and internal arguments it will create. This is the uneasiness, I am talking about.

I can bet that you will not believe in any of the above. Have you ever thought why? What is stopping you from believing in all the above. 

It is the knowledge that you gained in the past, the knowledge that you have accumulated over the years, it is the knowledge that makes up your mind stops your from believing that all these things will happen.

If I tell you tomorrow all your problems will be solved. Your knowledge, in the form of the inner voice, will say there are so many problems, and each of them is so complicated, my girlfriend has left and I am so mentally depressed, I have lost my job and I don’t think that I will get a job tomorrow, I don’t have a good professional track record, I have very little money and so many things to do. How can all my problems be solved overnight. It will take years to solve all these problems.

Your whole argument against my statement “All your problems will be solved tomorrow” will be based on your accumulated knowledge. There is nothing else with you, with which you will argue, but your past knowledge. This  knowledge is your mind. All you will argue with is with your logic. All arguments are logical. We tend to find logical reasons to argue. With our accumulated knowledge, tend to give reasons why  something will happen or not happen. It is true, because we have nothing else. 

If I tell you that tomorrow you will receive $ 1 Million. You will invariably call me a mad man. You logic will tell you, your knowledge will tell you that this is absolutely not possible. You will say “this is the middle of the month, your little salary  is still 15 days away, getting a million dollars is out of question, it is impossible”. You straight away went to your salary, you did not think about anything else. Yes, because your argument is perfectly logical. And you do not believe. We always refer to our knowledge for Believing or Not believing. 

This is because we immediately want to arrive at a conclusion. We are not comfortable with not knowing. The day we are comfortable with not knowing, spaces or consciousness have been created. Know that you are in the right direction.

For every statement of mine you have a LOGICAL argument. You will invariably argue. Either the argument will be internal or you will argue loudly. But you will argue. You will raise many question. You will raise doubts about my statement. You will try to logically convince me that what I am saying is impossible.

Knowledge or mind based logical arguments, internal or external arguments is NOT BELIEVING. Not having this internal argument at all is BELIEVING. 

All our internal arguments are against believing. All your internal resistance is against believing. All our inner argument and resistance is the cause of our negativity, because there is no space to take in the good.

Let me give you and example.  This is very important. Take the case of a child. A child always receives gifts form Santa Clause. No matter who buys and keeps the gift in the bag. He receives it. He gets what he wants. Why? Because his logic and knowledge does not interfere with the existence or no existence of Santa Clause. His logic and knowledge has not developed to that extent. He believes without a question or inner argument. And it happens.

To believe we all have to become children. 

So, life goes beyond logic. Things do not happen with us because we argue, we interfere, with what is being said and we DON’T BELIEVE. But the child BELIEVES and it happens with him. This is the only difference.

This proves that belief can make the impossible, possible. The statement is the beginning of this post is true.

Our logic and knowledge based inner argument is the obstacle to every good thing that can happen in our lives. We block it with inner argument. The day it stops, we will start believing and then, things will just happen without any effort. If the inner argument stops, we all will become a child and will start believing. Things are bound to change for the better. I can bet.

To take in what is being said, to believe, space is required. Otherwise, where will we take in what is being said. That is why I always talk about creating consciousness. Consciousness is noting but spaces within. Spaces will be created when files in our memory are deleted or removed or when we are aware of the filed and they automatically deleted.

Another analogy – The knowledge that constitute your mind are like springs. No matter how much you press them, they are always ready to come back to their original form and occupy space. You must have experienced, no matter how much you try not to think, the thoughts always comes. You just cannot avoid thinking and arguing. For some time, if you force another thought or doing another thing, you get mentally strained or you are not able to concentrate. Not able to concentrate means, that the springs have come back to the original size and shape.

In the mind of the child, there are no springs (Thoughts or knowledge). It is empty. There is no one to argue or oppose. Anything new it goes inside without opposition or without resistance or argument. Whatever is said, he believes, and it happens.

For us, when someone tells us something, that goes beyond logic, the springs the pressed, but the next moment, the spring come back to shape. The inner argument is nothing but the spring trying to come back to its original shape. You must have experienced, that it is very difficult sometimes, to get something new in our minds. This difficulty is because of the existing springs opposing the new thought from entering. This existing springs (thoughts) are the inner resistance, the argument. This inner argument (existing springs) makes us NOT TO BELIEVE. 

The spaces are available with all of us, but they are occupied with strong springs. To believe, only one thing is required – That is space or what is known as consciousness.

There are two options available with you to access the space. 

1. You Either destroy the springs (Your mind, your knowledge) completely  – This is the path of Action OR

2. You find spaces beyond the springs (Thoughts, knowledge, mind) and let the springs (Thoughts, knowledge, mind) do whatever they want. Do not strain them, let the springs be, because there is unlimited space available to all of us – This is the path of meditation.

Please let me know what you comments are. If  can be of any help to you.

Two Ways to Create Conciousness

The only objective of humans is to create consciousness. This should be understood. Consciousness is the Goal. Developing Consciousness is aligning oneself with the supreme intelligence. Developing Consciousness is Creativity. Developing Consciousness is Innovation. Consciousness is allowing creation to act through you.
You do not have to make an objective to create something new or to innovate. You just have to align yourself with Creation. You have to align yourself with existence. You have to make space for the supreme intelligence to occupy that space and work. For that you have to delete some files from your memory and make space for the intelligence, the only intelligence, to work. Then you will be governed by the supreme intelligence and in that space, everything is put right. Everything is restored to its original form. The anomalies are there because we have started using our so called intelligence. 

When space is created, Creation works through and you are just an agent.

There are two ways to Create consciousness or Create Spaces within. There may be more, but I will elaborate on only these two.

1.  Inwardly Directed (In the Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna has referred to it as Antarmukhi, Inwardly directed or facing inwards). This is the way of Gautama Buddha, this is the way of Meditation.

2. Outwardly Directed (In the Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna has referred to it as Bahirmukhi, outwardly directed or facing outwards). This is the way of Krishna, this is the way of Action. This way to create consciousness was told to Arjuna by Lord Krishna, just before the famous battle of Mahabharata, when Arjuna was reluctant to fight. 

Both the routes are different but they help you achieve the same – they create spaces within for the Supreme Intelligence work.

And I will repeat, in this space, the unimaginable can happen. Remember This!

Suffering Deters Creation

We are so much involved in our suffering that we do not create. Our suffering has taken us away from the creative intelligence. It is a vicious cycle. The more we suffer, the more we are involved in our suffering. And the more we are involved in our suffering, the more we go away from creation.

Suffering leads to our involvement with more suffering and everyday it takes us away from the creative intelligence. How can we be with the creative intelligence, we are so involved with suffering. We do no longer create. We have to go to the roots of suffering and eradicate it completely so that we go closer to the creative intelligence, the only one intelligence. 

The moment we remove suffering, we start creating. There is no effort required. It is automatic. The the creative intelligence starts creating through you.

There is one goal for Humans. It is to create Consciousness. Expand it so that it covers the whole universe or rather I should say, covers millions of universes. There is no other goal. Believe me there is no other goal. Remember this.
All confusions is because of this one confusion – whether to create consciousness or not create consciousness. We are afraid, we are skeptical because we do not know what will happen if we enter that space. This is what keeps us in confusion, not only in this life, but life after life. All other confusions, fear, dilemma are branches of this one confusion – Whether to Create or not to create consciousness. This confusion is the confusion of humanity. 
I have written in my previous posts that this consciousness is the supreme intelligence. It is Creation. It is existence. This is the only intelligence that runs everything in this world, starting from the working of microscopic cells in your body to supernovas million of light years away.  It is the same intelligence. This intelligence is what you call is GOD. This intelligence exists in your consciousness.
The intelligence is was there, is there and will be there, whether humans are there or not. This intelligence is the only “Right” and all others are wrong. We have separated ourselves from this intelligence. We have developed our own selves. This separated piece, that we called “our own intelligence” is our ego. It does not allow the supreme intelligence to function. This “our own intelligence” has become a cause of our misery. It has given rise to desires, dreams and Goals. We have forgotten he only goal, because we have separated ourselves and created our own goals. This separates us because we think that we are all and there is nothing else.
But Nature is not. See the tree, see the clouds, see the birds, the animals, the forests. Are they in trouble? No. Humans have put them in so much trouble. We kill animals, cut trees for our selfish desires. We destroy nature. This is a clear proof that we have separated ourselves from that supreme intelligence. 
God or the supreme intelligence does not want you to be sick. It does not want you to suffer. But we do suffer. Both mentally and physically. Go to the hospitals and see the condition there. Go to a mental asylum an see how sad it is. We are all fighting, competing with each other. We are always in a mood to punish each other. We are happy when we exploit another. 

This consciousness is emptiness. It is no-thing-ness. How can it create so much trouble.

It does not want you to fight court battles
It does not want you to have fatal diseases
It does not want you to breakup with your girlfriend
It does not want you to suffer divorce
It does not want you to have a bad relationship with anyone
It does not want you to meet with an accident
It does not want to become handicapped
It does not want you to loose your job

How can it? It is No-thing. No thoughts, no desires, no goals, no objectives. How can it do all these things. It is just it is. It is the “is-ness”.

The moment you have access, all these above mention things will not happen. They will be restored to the original form.

You start healing. There is more and more space. The moment these things do not happen, you become one with the creative intelligence, the only intelligence, and there will open up endless possibilities. Things will start getting restored to what they are supposed to be.

These things occurred because we have created our own intelligence, separated from the supreme intelligence.
I can assure you that if you start creating awareness, if you start creating space, things will change. The supreme intelligence will fill up that space you have created and your life will be aligned with the intelligence, the only intelligence. Remember there is no other intelligence. Our suffering exists because we have created our own intelligence. All that is created is all artificial and thus we have separated from the supreme intelligence.
And in that space so created, Nothing can go wrong. Because all wrong are of humans, all suffering are of humans. We make each other suffer more than anything else. When that space is created everything in your life will be aligned with the supreme and it will be GOD’s will.
We don’t know what the supreme Intelligence will create in the space created. Don’t bother to know. Let it work. Give it space to work. You can only give it an opportunity by creating spaces within.
Remember that your only goal is to create consciousness. And then everything takes care of itself.

Pink Floyd and Consciousness

This is the most enlightening song I have ever heard. In the number “Coming Back to Life”, the author has referred to the human consciousness.  The following is my interpretation of the same number.

 “Coming Back To Life”

Where were you when I was burned and broken
While the days slipped by from my window watching
Where were you when I was hurt and I was helpless
Because the things you say and the things you do surround me
While you were hanging yourself on someone else’s words
Dying to believe in what you heard
I was staring straight into the shining sun

Lost in thought and lost in time
While the seeds of life and the seeds of change were planted
Outside the rain fell dark and slow
While I pondered on this dangerous but irresistible pastime
I took a heavenly ride through our silence
I knew the moment had arrived
For killing the past and coming back to life

I took a heavenly ride through our silence
I knew the waiting had begun
And headed straight..into the shining sun
Let us go into it one by one:
Where were you when I was burned and broken
While the days slipped by from my window watching….
By “you” the author has meant his Ego. He has personified the ego. Only one who has experienced his own ego, will be able to personify it. Because your ego is no one but who you think you are. Ego is false “you” created by the society. Ego can be experienced only be being aware. When the author wrote the song, he was aware. He was probably enlightened. He has understood that he is divided, he is split. He is understood that the Ego is a false self and he had mistakenly taken the ego as himself. He had taken the ego as his best friend, his best companion and always listened to what the ego said. 
And later being with the ego, one goes mad, one gets split and divided. The ego is the only cause of suffering in this world. The author must have suffered. But later when he found the cause of his suffering, he wrote this song.
That is why he says..”where were yo u, when I was burnt and broken”. The author says that he had suffered and was devastated, he was completely finished. What happens to an individual when one gets burnt? He suffers. He was calling his fried, his ego, and asking him that where was he, when he was so devastated and why did he not come to save him at that time of suffering.
He was so much involved with the ego that he did not know what is going on outside. He had no idea when it was day and when it was night. The days slipped by..without any notice.
The ego is nothing but your mind. It is all accumulated knowledge, your memory. All old stuff. It is not life, it is old. It is suffering. The author was very deeply involved with his mind and this lead to his madness.
Where were you when I was hurt and I was helpless
Because the things you say and the things you do surround me….
The author was hurt and he was helpless. He was bound to be helpless. He was not able to do anything. How can he? You cannot live in the past and take care of the present. You cannot live in your mind solve your present problems. You have to come out of your mind, which is your ego and take care of the present moment. You have to be present. That is why he was helpless. He was hurt but was not able to heal himself. He was being hurt now and he lives in his mind. There occurs a gap between your present and your past, which is your mind, your ego. He was not able to heal himself. He was hurt.
That is why he says, “because the things you say and the things you do surround me”. All he was surrounded by was his past and completely forgot to be here and now.

We all are dragged into our pasts. The mind goes into auto mode and keeps us in our minds. This should be understood.
While you were hanging yourself on someone else’s words
Dying to believe in what you heard
I was staring straight into the shining sun
Remember, the Ego is nothing but the society, it is what other people say, it is what the other people have taught you, forced upon you since the time you were born. You belong the the society. We do not belong to ourselves but we belong to the society. Society tells us what is right and what is wrong. The society decides for us. That is why we always have a hunger for approval. We have hunger for fame. And this has given rise to so may social media web sites, all liking one another and approving one another. The Ego always listens to the others. That is why he says..”While you were hanging yourself on someone else’s words…”. Remember, this is the nature of the ego. The society made us. How can now we not crave for approval, how can we not listen?
The ego always believes in the other, whatever comes he believes, because it is the product of the society. He is a slave to the society and is bound to listen. The ego is  slave and that is why he is “dying to believe”.
“While the ego was listening and believing in others I was handicapped. I was staring straight into the shinning sun. I had no work to do. Because the ego is a slave, I became a slave. I became mad”.  This is what he meant. A person is bound to go mad. How can he follow the society. His own consciousness always interfered with the ego. And how many time will he listen to. He is sure to go mad. Anyone is bound to go mad. 
Lost in thought and lost in time
While the seeds of life and the seeds of change were planted
See now what he says. He says, he was lost in thought. This means that he was lost in his mind. He was lost in all his accumulated  knowledge. Time is nothing but his past and future. He was lost in imagination. 
This is the state of most of the people. They are either lost in their past or imagining about the future. The future is also your past. Because future is all imagination. We imagine what we know, we do not imagine the anything that is beyond our knowledge. It is just a projection of the past. Projection of the knowledge accumulated in the past.
He says that he was lost while all the changes happen. Changes never happen the past or future. Changes happen now and here. And we was not changing with the change. He was physically present but mentally absent. He was in his future or past. He did not change. What happens if you do not change, you get mad. It is bound to happen.
Outside the rain fell dark and slow
While I pondered on this dangerous but irresistible pastime
He says that he was not aware of what was happening. Whether it is raining or snowing or it was dark. He as so much involved in his ego. He was unaware of the present moment, which lead him to madness.
He says that the outside is changing while he was thinking about his past and future and was never in the moment.  He says that this thinking is irresistible because all our thinking is automatic. Because of our conditioning, our thinking goes into auto mode. You must have noticed, whenever you are sitting alone doing  nothing. So many thoughts keep coming. You just cannot avoid. The mind goes into the past and then to the future. It keeps swinging between the past and future. It is never in this present moment. That is why he says this thinking is irresistible and it has automatically become a past time.
I took a heavenly ride through our silence
I knew the moment had arrived
For killing the past and coming back to life
He then suddenly became aware of  his Ego and you have seen that he has personified it. If he was not aware, he would have never been able to personify it. He understood that it is  a false self if his and dissociated himself from the Ego. He dissociated himself from his mind, this thoughts, his past and future and was intensely present in this moment. He was here and how, where exactly the seeds of life and seeds of change were being planted.
He became aware of his consciousness, the endless space available beyond the mind. The mind, his thoughts and his past and future became small and there was “silence” around. He took a heavenly ride. The ride through the silence or consciousness is heavenly because all the mind, the thoughts, the past and the future, his ego has been left behind. That is why he felt heavenly as if he has reached heaven, he has reached GOD. This silence is our consciousness. This silence is the supreme intelligence, the only intelligence that runs existence. It is creation.  
He says that this silence is OURS. He meant that this silence is available to all of us and if we want we can also access it. Only we have to develop awareness. He says that the moment you develop awareness, you leave the past, the future, the mind, the ego, behind and start living. 
One comes back to life.

I took a heavenly ride through our silence
I knew the waiting had begun
And headed straight..into the shining sun

He became aware of his ego, his mind and continued to stay in the silence. That is why probably he has repeated the line “I took a heavenly ride through our silence” .He was continuously aware and continuously accessed his consciousness. 
He says that the “waiting had begun”. The waiting for what? Waiting for the miracle to happen. In the silence, miracles happens and  probably the miracle happened in the form of this song.

Consciousness and Creativity

“With human beings there are two possibilities. Either he can be an agent of his mind, which old, which is knowledge or he can be an agent of Consciousness, which is GOD, which is the supreme Intelligence, the Creation.
If he chooses to remain an agent of his mind, he remains old, he never creates, because the  mind is not the creator. If he chooses his consciousness, he starts creating, his whole life becomes new.

The choice is left to him”
We have been learning from the time we were born. Learning happens automatically because it is pure space when we are born. That is why a child learn anything new faster than adults. Whatever inputs we get through the sense, it gets stored in our Consciousness, which is pure space. All that we take in, is knowledge. Whatever we see, whatever we hear, whatever we read, whatever is taught, whatever we practice, it gets stored in our memory and forms our mind. Our mind is nothing but all your past knowledge, jumbled up like noodles in space. The space is consciousness. The knowledge forms the mind. So, there is knowledge and there is consciousness.

Since, at this moment, now, whatever we have accumulated was in the past, all our knowledge is of the past. When we are spontaneous to this moment, we are not referring to the knowledge that we have gained in the past. Referring to our minds and the stored knowledge, means referring to the past. Nothing new can come out of it. But we get into auto mode, we constantly keep referring to our minds, even if we do not want. Referring to our minds is thinking. Thinking simply is browsing through the contents in our memory. Nothing new comes out of it.
Let us say you have joined a music school because you want to learn playing Guitar.
Initially it is very difficult. You will find all excuses not to go to the school to learn. There is a desire to learn because you know how beautiful it is and how sweet it sounds and if you play well, it makes you popular. But whenever you have to go to the music school, you get irritated.  You will find all the excuses not to go. Even if you go, you are not able to concentrate. It will be so difficult that to learn a single note, it takes months. You start becoming impatient. You  somehow drag for few more days and may quit after few months of torture.

Most of us do quit and try to avoid things that are new. This is because we are confined to our minds and we do not have spaces to be filled with the new.

Creation of spaces to let the new come in, is the only objective of humans.

Consciousness is the space where this learning happens.  This is the place where everything new is stored, when we make space. It is stored when we force in something new. It has to forced initially because  For the new learning to be stored space is required and that is not there. This causes enormous resistance and we quit.

The space where everything happens, even the unimaginable happens, is consciousness. But we cannot do the unimaginable because we do not have access to our consciousness. We are limited to our minds and Knowledge. But we are unaware that there is something that goes beyond our minds, that is our consciousness and it has the ability to take in the whole universe.
What you can do is in this situation – Use what I call the “Third Force”

“The ability to stick to one decision in your life..solves all your takes you forward, this one decision is a third force..the opposites are first and second..there will be various rights and wrongs (First and second)..there will be various good and bad (First and Second)..but the decision goes beyond is the Third Force..This will make you go beyond the good and bad..the right and wrong..otherwise you keep swinging between the first and second..”

Gautama Buddha used the third force for his enlightenment. A third force is a commitment. He took a decision that he would not get up till the time he has the answers to all his questions, and was committed to it.

Gautama Buddha became the third force.

After using the third force, you start learning music. Music was beyond your knowledge, it was not a part of your mind but you have “decided” to go into it. You have decided to create space. Remember, all decisions are to create space or are taken to expand your consciousness. Initially you resisted, but you have forced yourself into it and the new knowledge – MUSIC – forces into your consciousness creating space.  If there is no space, how will the new come in?  Even you have learnt little you have created some space. You have started. If there is no space,  It will always stay out, that means you will never learn. It is so full now that you will not allow anything else to come in. This is your resistance. You feel this resistance as some block in your body. You must have felt it in many unwanted situations that you encounter in day to day life.
But now since you have taken the help of the third force, despite the felling of resistance, you slowly create space and learning is forced inside. The  third force itself created little space for the start. It crated space for the first step. You then start gaining knowledge from your teacher.  The space keeps increasing. Things starts getting easier as more and more space is created. You slowly, as years pass, master all that can be taught by your teacher. You master all the books and everything that is available. By the time you learn everything that is available, you have created enough space and music becomes very easy, it just flows without any resistance.
But do you start creating? Do you start something that no one has done before?
No, because you are still confined to your teacher and books and all that is available outside. 
During these time, there is a chance that a person quits. He thinks that he has learn everything. He gets bored and irritated. Because it is the same thing he is doing again and again. 
What we do not understand is that during the course of learning over these years, we have expanded our consciousness to a very high degree. Now if one continues, he GOES BEYOND KNOWLEDGE, HE GOES BEYOND LEARNING, HE GOES BEYOND MIND.

Now, he has consumed everything that is available. What happens if he still keeps playing his guitar? What will he play, what will he refer to? his teacher, his Books, the websites, NO.

If he stops playing, he will remain an agent of the books, the external knowledge, of his mind. But if he keeps playing, having created the space, creation will play its music, it will be called his composition, it will be the music of the supreme intelligence, the only creator.
If he sits with is guitar, with all the books closed and away from his teacher, his fingers will move on their own and something new will be created. He will go beyond all that and start CREATING MUSIC. In the space he created by accessing the so created space, GOD takes over him, the creation takes over him, the only intelligence takes over him and he just becomes AN AGENT OF THE SUPREME INTELLIGENCE. The kind of music he plays then or creates, goes beyond this world, goes beyond books and his teacher. At this point, he does not remain a player any more, he becomes and agent and the creation plays its music.

At his point, when spaces have been created, not only music, whatever he wants he can do. This place is empty. It is pure space. If he knew cooking, and he decides to cook, in no time he will come up with a new recipe, which will again be something very new. It will again be something created by the Creation using him as an agent. 

If he does not do anything, even then something will happen in the space created. Whatever happens will be that of the supreme intelligence or God whatever you may call it.

This is creativity. Creativity happens when you create space for the “Supreme Intelligence” to act making you as its agent.

Developing Consciousness 1

For doing anything, if it is not a habit or if it is new, you need space. The space will be available if your consciousness expands. Now it is trapped. Even for acting, some amount of consciousness is required. When you go more into it, spaces grow and you keep doing your work. You find space for movement. You start acting. But when you act in that space what will the outcome be, you do not know. Because this space is not yours. The space belongs to Intelligence. The only intelligence available. You do not have to be intelligent, but you have to allow the intelligence to work by creating space. When you create space, you activate the intelligent.

These are some real life examples or situations that will help you understand consciousness so that you can develop awareness. I ll keep posting one after another as and when things happen within me. Because things that happen within me that the things that happen within you. We are one and the same. Our consciousness is the same consciousness. The only difference is our conditioning. The resistance that  I feel is the same resistance that you feel. The words that are used to describe the experience may be different for both of us.
Whenever there is a block, or whenever you find anything difficult, or whenever you are unwilling to do something, understand that your consciousness has been completely consumed by your Mind. To do that new thing, which may be a part of the mind, may be old, even to do that, you will need space. Now there are no spaces left. But consciousness is infinite. The fact is that we are not aware of our consciousness.We are not aware of the infinite capacity of  consciousness. This is only because of our ego and conditioning, because of our mind. 
Example 1:
You drive to work everyday. You take the same route to office most of the days. You are one day transferred to a location which is completely in another part of the city. The route is unknown. The places are unknown. The traffic is unknown. 
You start driving from your house. You do not know the direction. You may use a GPS. On the way you keep looking and may be asking others if required. The kind of traffic is new. There may be more or less vehicles. Driving may be difficult. You will drive slow. You start early, apprehending that you might be late on the first day. 
You finally reach but it was difficult. You were completely engrossed in you driving and searching for your new office. You were driving but you were sometimes irritated. You kept asking yourself, when will you reach you new office and will curse your company for getting you transferred to the new location.
This was because, your entire consciousness was consumed by your mind. It was consumed by the new surroundings, because it was completely new. There was no prior knowledge. It was being obstructed by the existing route to your previous work place. When our consciousness is completely consumed, we become irritated. While driving, any call on you cell phone, you would have been irritated because we become completely blocked. When our consciousness is blocked, we get mentally strained. This inability to take action further becomes a cause for anger and irritation. In such situations some people, who are smokers, stop and have a smoke.
You drive to office everyday and get used to the route. Now it is easy because, the new “thing” was forced into your mind  and it created more space. Your consciousness expands. It is no longer limited to the route to your previous office. New space is created.
Now, after a month may be, you will start talking on the phone while driving, you will listen to the radio, enjoy the new surrounding, enjoy anything on the way. You may start thinking about the meeting that you will have with your team when you are in office or any work that you have to do when you reach. 

And god knows what you might come up with while you are driving to work. It could be an innovation. It could be something new. There are million and one possibilities.
Earlier, driving to office was difficult. Now it is not. Because your consciousness has opened up. You have now more space. Once space created space remains, whether you drive or not and this space can be used for creativity because this space is blank.
In this example, when you drove for the first time, the new route was “something”. But after you drove for a month, it became a “NO-THING”. The new route and the driving vanishes in your consciousness. It does not consume it any longer. Now while you drive, you can do other things simultaneously. You are free while you drive.

When you know something really well. It becomes a NO-THING. Then it does not block your consciousness. When it is new, it “Something”, after it becomes regular or with practice it becomes “NO-THING” it does not occupy or block your consciousness any more.
You have created consciousness this way and this way you have created space for innovation while you drive.

Consciousness and Rebellion

Rebellion is all about freedom. But freedom is not possible if you are trapped in your own minds. We all are trapped in our own minds. The freedom from your minds can only be achieved by accessing consciousness. Because consciousness is free space. You can create anything there. Your mind is old, it is knowledge, it is conditioning. But consciousness is empty. All new things happen in  consciousness. All innovation and creativity happen in consciousness. It is the only intelligence. This intelligence is the only creator. Everything else is the mind. The mind is old, it is knowledge, how can it create?  Everything else is a trap, a trap of the mind. Rebellion can happen only when you access consciousness.

An innovator is a rebel because he dares to take a different path. He takes a path that no one has taken before. He dares to go against the society. He dares to go into the unknown seas.
A rebellion is nothing but moving into consciousness where you can create another road for yourself to walk on by making the knower within yourself evolve. (Please refer to my post – “The Voice, The Knower and the Actor)
But this rebellion will not happen when you are your mind. This will not happen till the time you do away with your thoughts, voices and imaginations. For this rebellion to happen only when you have accessed the universal intelligence and when the intelligence has started working through you.
For rebellion to happen, the knower within you has to evolve. It has to stand outside and see what is going on in your mind. It has to look into your desires, dreams ambitions and moreover your driving forces, the forces that drive you towards anything – your Driving Forces in life and inhibitions
For example – If you are a scientist you have to know what made you make the decision to be a scientist one day. What is the driving force behind every act that you do. You will see that every act of yours is based on something. You will see that every thing that is driving you is all based on your knowledge. You saw, you learnt and now you want to be. 
This is the pattern of your thought and this pattern has to be broken. This pattern is your mind and you are trapped inside your mind. Outside it is consciousness, free space, space for endless opportunities. Once you break this prevailing mind pattern you will have access to consciousness. 
And once this pattern is broken, you have to started slowly accessing your consciousness. You have started being spontaneous.
Knowing this driving force is very important. This driving force has given you a direction in life. But the problem is that the driving force is based on your conditioning, based on your inner voices. These driving forces are based on your knowledge. Now you cannot change lanes. 
You are so much in your mind that you do not believe that there is something else other than the mind. You do not believe that there can be another path. You have become “artificially Intelligent”. You believe in thinking and Imagining. What you do is just browse through the files in your memory. You have become programmed. As long as this programming prevails, you will never be able to be a rebel.
The moment you have started accessing your consciousness, rebellion within you happens and you start walking an unknown path. You will not be bothered by the society, you will not have fear or inhibitions. You will know that once you are having access to this “intelligence”, you can just move and everything will be taken care by this intelligence.
Initially you will not know that you have become a rebel. But you will experience that doing things that you never thought of doing becomes easy. There will be a an excitement and happiness in everything you do. You will be full of energy. You will feel that nothing in this world is impossible. When this happens, you will know that a rebellion has happened within yourself.
Only things is – Consciousness has to be accessed by breaking the prevailing mind patterns.

Robots Do Not Have Consciousness

It is very important to understand the capacity of human beings before we move more into the subject of Innovation. It is important to understand consciousness in order to understand innovation, because innovation happens when one has access to consciousness.

It is important to understand artificial intelligence because, artificial intelligence or robots do not have access to the supreme intelligence, the consciousness. 

Once you know what they do not have, you will  know what you have. Once you know what is the extra that you have, you will know what consciousness is. Because that extra is your consciousness. 

This extra differentiates you from robots or artificial intelligence. We are generally like robots, we are automatic, but the moment you know and experience what you have, you are no longer automatic like a robot, you become human.

Have you ever seen a robot innovating or creating? No. They will not ever create in may be 1000 years from now. Because they will never have access to consciousness. 

Consciousness and Artificial intelligence do no go together. A computer will never have a consciousness.
Let us see how:

For a computer to have a consciousness, consciousness has to be first defined. It has to be made into a “thing”, it has to be made into a program and then fed into the computer. 

Unless you define it, it cannot be fed into the computer. And Consciousness cannot be defined. Consciousness is the creative intelligence. How can it be defined. If it could be defined, we all would become God. Defining consciousness is absurd. So in short, computers or artificial intelligence cannot have a consciousness. Since they cannot have a conscience, they cannot have access to the supreme Intelligence, the Creative  force which makes everything happen. Artificial intelligence cannot create.
In my post “The voice, the knower and the Actor”, I have said that humans are divided into the voice – which  is the voice of the ego. The voice is the product of our conditioning, our imaginations. And most of the time we are one with the voice. We follow the voice without knowing that the voice exists. It is as if that the voice is the all that we have. The voice is a product of years of conditioning and it is so ingrained in us that we cannot do away with it. The voice is our mind. 
That, there is a knower, it is the one who knows. Knows what? It knows all about the voice and imaginations. But, generally, with all of us, the knower has not yet evolved. Which means we are not aware of the voices and imaginations. The knower is compared to the internal eyes and years. Since we live in our minds, we live with the voice, and take the voice as the only truth.
But the fact is that, we can know the voice as well as the imaginations. Once we  know the voices and imaginations, a revolution happens. To know means we are no longer with the voice. Which means we are no longer with our egos. Knowing the voice and Imaginations means, that we are out of it and can now have a choice, we can defy the voice or the imagination.
I spoke about the actor. The actor is our physical body, which does the work, which acts. Since, normally we are one with the voice, we blindly follow the voice. We say loudly what the voice says inside. In  normal case we do not have any option and go with the voice. But this is till the time our knower becomes active. When we know the voice, we can choose between what is required at the moment and what the voice says. Our actions will no longer be as per the voice which is old but as per requirement. We will be spontaneous. 
If I compare this with a computer, with the so called artificially intelligent computer, the voice or the imagination will be the program which makes the computer work. The actor will be the output device or in case of the robot, it will be the robot doing physical work. 
So, the program in the computer is compared to our Ego, the inner voice and the robot is compared to the actor. 
But in case of a robot, one things is missing – THE KNOWER. The internal eyes and years are missing in case of a robot. And this differentiates a human being from a robot. 
A robot can never be aware of its own program because he himself is the program. 
While a human being can be very much aware of his thoughts and imaginations, his desires, the driving force that makes him work. But a robot cannot. 
The robot can reproduce the code that is written in its memory, it can tell you what it is. BUT HE WILL HIMSELF NEVER KNOW ABOUT IT
This is because the robot cannot be aware. The knower is not available with the robot. There is no space available to the robot from where he can stand and watch himself.  This is because, he will invariably need a program to stand on. The moment he stands on a program, he will again not be able to know what the program is.
With a program available, he can write another program and jump from one program to another. After jumping to the second program, he will know what “HE USED TO BE” before the jump. BUT HE WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT HE IS. 
But humans can very well know what he is. The moment he becomes aware of his thought patterns, the thoughts that repeatedly come, his imaginations, his driving force, his desires and dreams, he will know who he is. But the robot can never. THERE IS NO SPACE AVAILABLE FOR THE ROBOT TO STAND AND WATCH HIS OWN PROGRAM, HE CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT A PROGRAM.
Because of the simple reason that the robot does not exist without the program. A human can exist without the ego. The moment a human does away with his ego, he becomes enlightened. He becomes a Buddha. Because humans have access to the supreme Intelligence, The only one intelligence. But a robot can never have access to the supreme intelligence.
Robots do not have consciousness. The access to this consciousness gives rise to Rebellion. But robots are not capable of a rebellion because they do not have consciousness. No matter how much you argue, robots will always remain slaves. 
There are reasons for building robots. The reasons are deep embedded in the human mind. The following quote of mine will make things clear:
“The very fact that we have started building “obedient” and so called “Artificially” intelligent robots proves that human beings cannot be made slaves. So we take the artificial way. Now we want artificial slaves. What a joke!
This also proves our tendency to dominate and our inability to accept humans as they are. 
The invention of robots also proves the fact that we want servants, slaves and NOT INDIVIDUALS. This also proves that we always want to be superior and want people would not defy us…we all want to be emperors.
The need for slaves, the need for people to obey us, be faithful to us has given rise to artificially intelligent robots”