The Walking Experiment – To Know the Inner Voice

If we watch ourselves carefully, we will know that we are always in a hurry. Whatever we are doing, walking, eating, driving, working, we are always in a hurry to finish. But we do not know the reason for our hurried-ness  We do not know what will we do after we finish what we are doing now. But we are always in the hurry to finish.

This hurried-ness comes is unconsciousness. We don’t know but we hurry. If you read my post “Why we hate? – The exercise”, you will know that we are not one, but we are divided into so many identities. Some of then we are already and the other identities, we want to be. But this whole thing is imaginary. All the “I”s are imaginary.

We are in a hurry because, we fear that if we are late, we might cease to be what we think we are, we may no longer be the “I” we think we are. These “I”s make us who we are, otherwise who we would be. But the strangest part is that, all these “I”s are imaginary and we keep chasing and protecting these “I”s all our lives. It is just like you imagine someone has thrown a ball high up, an imaginary ball, thrown high up by an imaginary person, and you run to catch the imaginary ball in reality. This is madness.

All those things that are in your mind are imaginary, they cannot be real, but take them to be real, they make us who we are, how can we let them go? The only reality is here and now.

In your mind, automatically you are put in a situation, good or bad, whatever, and then another “I” emerges rationalizes the situation. If it is a bad situation, the “I” says “don’t worry everything will be fine” and if it is a good situation, you rejoice in your imagination. But the unfortunate part is that everything is imaginary, except what you are doing here and now.

In your mind, several “I”s emerge and they keep talking with each other and the “Real” you does something else. But we are not able to do something else, we get involved in the argument or discussion between the “i”s in our mind. By “We” I mean another “I”, forms and takes part in the mental discussion. Two “I”s are discussing and we take the form of another “I” and join the discussion in our mind, all imaginary. “I” after “I” forms and we are lost in the discussion.

The moment we take part in the discussion, we are lost from the real world. If we are walking our walk takes the rhythm of the discussion that is going on. If we are driving, our driving takes the rhythm of the inner talk. This happens because we remain unaware of the inner talk. The moment you are aware of the inner talks, the inner talk stops.

Most of us are unaware of this inner talk. I have devised an exercise that would let you know your inner talk. It is as follows:

Most of the time, when we are walking with someone, we see that the speed of our walk increases and becomes very fast. We are continuously talking and our walking gets faster and faster and reaches a point where our legs start to ache. Then we slow down. Till the time, our legs did not ache, we did not realize that we are walking so fast. But we did not start with an intention or objective to walk fast. But it happened. This happened because, our walk took the rhythm of our talk.

The same happens when you are walking alone. We start slow but then the speed increases when we have walked for some time. We think we are alone but we are not. What will happen to all these “I”s. We are actually many, may be hundreds, all alive and kicking! They are talking discussing their survival strategies. And every moment another “I” emerge and take part in the discussion, all imaginary, but we think that it is us.

The walking exercise:

  1. Start walking alone on a road or a park, a place which is not so crowded

  2. With time your speed will increase but you will not know about it.So I suggest you put an alarm so that it reminds you in 10 minutes time after you have started.

  3. The moment the alarm rings – stop for 5 minutes – you may sit, if you find a place to sit nearby

  4. Just watch your mind – The thoughts and you walk were “synergizing” each other. They were moving at a same speed, the thoughts in your mind, and your walk. The thoughts had also taken up a momentum. The moment you stop walking and sit. The thoughts, having a momentum, will continue in the same speed for some time. This is the time, when you will come to know your inner chatter very clearly.

  5. Start walking very slowly after 5 minutes of sitting. – I mean very slowly – you will notice that the chatter will be minimum when you walk very slowly. Keep walking for 10 minutes very slowly. In these ten minutes, if you are aware, you will slowly feel that, as time is passing after you have started walking slowly, the intensity of the inner chatter is increasing very slowly.

These 5 steps will very clearly let you know you inner chatter. It will let you know what you are thinking all the time. You are discussing all the time in your mind. In step 4, when you watch your mind, things will be very clear. If you continue with this exercise for 5 days, you will know all your major inner arguments, because our arguments are all repetitive.

Once you know your inner chatter, you will realize that you are not actually who you think you are. You will come to know that you are most of the time an imaginary identity in your mind, discussing with all other identities.

Then your actions will change, because, you will earlier only aware of the inner chatter and took it for reality. Now you will have options, whether to act as per the requirement of this moment or go as per the inner imaginary chatter in your mind.

These imaginary identities are kept alive only by thinking. The more you are unconscious, lost in your mind, the more they are prominent and alive. The more you throw the light of your awareness on them, they vanish.  This is the reason why humans are always thinking, they need time to think, they need time for relaxation, so that they can always think, unconsciously, and keep them alive.

Knowing your inner imaginary chatter, and understanding that it is all imaginary and acting as per the requirement of the moment will completely change your life for the better.

The Voice, The Knower and The Actor

In my previous posts you have read that only by taking action we can do away with the inner talk. Because to act, you have to come out of your imaginations and into the real world. Once you are absorbed completely in the Present Moment, the inner chatter stops.
We all are divided into
1. The Voice,
2. The Knower and
3. The Actor
The Voice: You have read in my previous posts that there is an inner voice, which is the voice of the ego. The voice is the product of imaginations. You are unaware of the presence of the presence of this voice. This voice is very deep and so jumbled up that we are not able to hear the voice. But at the same time, we are one with the voice. The voice of the ego becomes our voice. In other words, the voice talks and we talk loudly at the same time, simultaneously. The voice orders and we follow. But this voice is baseless because it is a product of Imaginations. There is nothing real about imaginations.

For every real situation, we have an imaginary situation in our memory, that matches with one of our imagined identities.Even if we do not have, we create on with things stored in our memory. But all these situations are old. They are confined to the memory, far away from pure intelligence.

The moment we do not like a situation we go into our minds and our mind with its extraordinary ability creates a situation that matches with one of our Identities to make us feel good.

This is an automatic process. Generally it is beyond your control. It happens before even you know what is happening. By the time you know, you are already there. You just can’t avoid.

Even if you are in this moment. There is a constant uneasiness. This is because, you are being dragged by your imaginations. You are tense. This uneasiness happens when you have to do something that you do not like.
The more we are with the voice, the more we are with the Ego. Being with the voice and following its orders will keep us old. It will never allow us to take the unknown path. It will never allow us to Create or Innovate.
This voice has to be done away with. But in order to do away with the voice, one has to first know the voice. Carefully hear what is says. To know our centuries old egos, we have to hear and know what the voice says. This is the first step towards liberation from your egos.
Just for the sake of understanding, this voice can be compared to the “mouth”. A mouth doesn’t see or hear or it does not have hands and legs to act.  The mouth has no option but to “talk” or keep quiet.
The knower: One needs to know the voice in order to do away with it. The knowledge of the voice being there takes you out of the voice.
You will only wash your hands clean when you will know that they are dirty. Till the time you do not have the knowledge that your hands are dirty, you will think that the hands are clean. The moment you have a look, you will immediately know that they are dirty and wash them clean.
Similarly, to dissociate with the voice, one has to first know that it exists. Only the knowledge of the voice being there, takes you out of it. This voice is of the past, and since you are with the voice, you become the past. The moment you start hearing the voice, the incessant chatter, you come out of it. You become present. And from the present you listen to the past.
Just knowing that the voice exists is a great leap in the path to Innovation.
For the sake of understanding, this knower is the “Ear”. It listens. It does not have a mouth to talk or hands and legs to act out. It simply listens.

The moment you start arguing with a thought or a voice, it gives rise to another voice and you get more immersed in the voice or many voices. The knower then does not get a change to evolve.
The Actor: The actor takes the real action. 

It is only hands and legs. It is neither the mouth nor the Ear. It can only act. It can act spontaneously as per the requirement of the present moment. When separate from the voice, we have no other option but to act as per the moment. But we are all the time one with the voice. We are one with the ego. We are our egos.

The action, which is without the voice, is pure action. It is pure intelligence. It is the need of the moment.
In order for innovation to happen, one has to separate the actor from the voice, by making the knower evolve. Once separated, everything that you do is new. Everything is an innovation.
You become aligned with the the supreme intelligence.
We are most of the time with the voice. Our actions are based on our conditioning. It is all old. And in this state, innovation cannot happen.
There are moments, when the we completely give up our ego and innovation happens. It cannot be forced. It just happens.
Our objective will be to make ourselves separated from our conditioned past, the Ego. It may not be completely possible, but it is possible to a very large extent.
The day it is completely possible, you will become a “Buddha”. You would be creating Consciousness.

Creative Thinking’ is a Myth

We always use the words Creative and Thinking together as “Creative Thinking”. But both these words cannot be used together.

If you are creative, you cannot be thinking and if you are thinking then creativity is not possible. 

Let us see how.
I would define thinking as ‘searching our own memory’. 

We have been collecting information since our birth and all of them is stored in our memory. Whenever we start to think, we browse through the files stored in our memory.
All these information stored is old. All the inputs are based on the information the society gave us with the help of books, magazines, websites, television and through many other media. These files are stored in the memory, and the moment we start thinking, we browse through these old files. You memory cannot give you anything new. It is all old information.
Please understand that thinking cannot give you anything new. If you think that you can think and innovate, you would be reinventing the wheel again and again.
All your goals in life, your aspirations, dreams, desires and plans are of the old, because they are they belong to the memory. You want to become a pilot because you know that being a pilot is a profession and you aim for it. You want to become a computer scientist because you know that if you want and move in the right direction, there is a possibility. Both a pilot and computer scientist are part of your memory and you choose your goals based on what you know.
Anything that you “try” to do is based on your past  knowledge. You cannot try doing something that you do not know. You have an objective in life and you start trying to achieve it, then you are directed towards the past. You point backwards. You always point towards something that you know.
You think before you attempt anything. All your thinking is based on your past knowledge. So you always attempt to do things that you have known. It means that it already exists and you are having the knowledge of it.
You cannot imagine something that you do not know. Imagination is again thinking. You only imagine things and situations that you know, that is in your memory. 

Just for an experiment, close your eyes and sit for 10 minutes. You will see, all your imaginations are events and situations of the past.

Our thinking and Imagining is confined to the knowledge gained in your past. Thinking and imagining is confined to memory.

When you try thinking harder, you very intensely search through the files in your memory.
It is like you meet someone and you cannot remember his name. You think harder to remember. You are doing nothing but searching through your own memory in detail.

So your mind consists of things of the past. The mind can give you nothing new. The mind is not able to innovate or create. The Mind cannot be creative.

To Create or to Innovate you have to keep the Mind aside, you have to separate yourself from the continuous chatter of your mind. This is the first step.

Please read my post ‘Ego – The Greatest Obstacle to Creativity and Innovation’ to better understand this post

Voice of the Ego

From the point of view of Entrepreneurship, it is very important to know what these voices inside are saying. These voices will let you know about our deepest dreams and desires. And Since we are all of one society, all our dreams and desires are same. Once you know your dreams and desires, you know the dreams and desires of almost all people, because all our desires are same. Because we all belong to one society. Once you know the dreams and desires, you can help fulfill them and they will love to pay you in return. Most of the time we do not know what are dreams, desires and needs are. The more you are separate from the Ego and listen to the voice, the more aware you will be.
From the previous posts, you know about the inner voice and how the voice is continuously talking. You are quiet outside, but the voice inside is always talking. 
Our inner talk arises because we are all silently talking in our imaginations. In our imagination we are creating imaginary situations and playing our role there. We are questioning and ourselves answering being the other imaginary person present in the situation. This us utter madness. But most of the time we are unaware of it.
I have told you about all your your identities and that they are innumerable in number and in your mind, you place yourself in so many different situations day in and day out. You know that the deeper these situations have made a mark in your mind, the more space they occupy in their mind and the easily pop out making imagination happen on its own. This process of flowing out information happens on its own and is completely beyond your control and your internal dialogues are also beyond your control. They happen on their own.
If the number of identities you have developed are more and stronger, and they take you automatically to your imagined worlds without your control, the movement of you into your imagined worlds happen on its own. You are here, but you have moved to another world, and you do not know. They pull you inside like a black hole. They are very powerful. And when you reached, it takes no time, it happens in a blink of an eye, you start playing your role there. You talk, you argue, you order and do whatever required in that imagined situation.
Next moment you are here and now, you are in the moment. You start comparing your present with your imagination. If the imagination was something more pleasant than your present, you start arguing and condemning the present moment. If you are forced to be in your office and in your imagination is that you are on a holiday with your wife, you start abusing your boss, the office, the colleagues and everything. You want to prove that this office is pathetic and you are so unlucky. It is actually happening internally and since you are unaware what is happening internally, you start doing the same things, that voice is doing. You become one with the voice.
The voice can be known, when you make a firm decision. If you decide to keep quiet, if you make a firm decision that you will stay in your office and not talk despite the urge, you will be able to detect the voice inside. If you move to a quiet place, you will be able to detect the voice. If you go the the toilet and spend some time there, just for the sake of an experiment, you will detect the voice, because in the bathroom, there are no distractions.
A firm decision needs to be taken. These voices are the product of these imaginations. When the imaginations are there, the voices will be there. If the imaginations vanish, the voices will also vanish. If you know the imaginations, you will detect the voice and vice-versa. The voice is more prominent and hence can be detected easier than the imaginations can be detected.

When you start listening to the voice, you will know what you are imagining, because the voice will correspond to the imagination that is happening in your mind. Once you have detected the voice, the knower in you had emerged. But there are chances that another voice comes up and starts arguing with the voice that is there. This is again falling in a trap, or going into another imagination. Ever voice is a result of an Imagination. 

When you start listening to the voice, just say “STOP” and you become the knower.

Only Action Stops the Inner chattering

Action: The only way to stop the Inner chattering

To act, a person needs to be here and now, because any action requires your physical presence. You cannot act in your imagined worlds. Though you may dwell in your imagined worlds, but to act you have to come back home.

We love to dwell in our imagined worlds because it is a world created by us.

You may be mentally present in another continent or driving a Ferrari, but to act you have to be present in the place where you are. 

So, action is only one thing that can bring you in the current moment, Leaving your imaginations behind. Action is another way of pivoting yourself to the present moment making the imaginations and inner talk irrelevant. Otherwise these imagination and talks become a massive hurdle to anything new that you do.

When you are into action, you do not carry your ego with you. The ego is old. It is a product of conditioning, a product of knowledge. Action brings our the new. 

Since you do not have your ego, the voice, which is the voice of the ego, is no longer there. You are no longer your ego you become the action.  Action only can liberate you from your conditioned past and make space for the new to take over.

Feelings, Emotions and the Ego

Our feelings and emotions also play a major role in strengthening the ego.

Most of us are unconscious of the presence of these identities, which makes us live in our imaginary worlds, without the knowledge that we are living in this imaginary worlds. We keep labeling situations as good and bad, depending on whether the situations go with or go against our imagined identities. Whenever it goes against it, feel bad. We become sad and depressed. We feel like a failure and a loser.

Since we are more with our imaginary identities without knowing. Most of the situations that come up in our lives are  are new and we are old, old because we live in our identities and our identities are based on our knowledge and knowledge is old, it is of the past. As a result, most of the situations that we encounter in our daily lives are labelled “Bad”. All bad situations give rise to some feelings of resistance and these are either fear, sorrow, sadness. This is the same feeling of resistance that happens in all situations we oppose mentally , but we term them depending on a particular situation. 

The more we are with our ego or with our imaginary identities, the more sad we are and we develop an identity out of that feeling. 

We become one with the so called “sad” feeling and resist any other feeling. All other feelings of joy, happiness and enthusiasm are resisted. Whenever the so called “good” happens, we are not able to take it because it does not go with our identity of a sad and depressed person. 

This is why almost all of us are sad and depressed most of the time. Whenever any situation arise, that is resisted, all the situations in the past that had given rise to the same feeling come up and become more depressed.
A person who has developed a sad identity over the years, he has no option but to remain sad. The feeling persists all the time continuously and that person is most of the time, imagining situations that gave rise to similar feelings in the past and in his imagination resists that feeling. he is constantly in his imagination fighting with the imagination. This increases his feeling of resistance and he becomes very very sad. The more this feeling increases in intensity, the more his sad identity gets strengthened and again makes him imagine more of it. This makes him fall into a vicious cycle.
Since these imaginations and feelings are constantly getting strengthened, the become pressure tight in our mind. The feelings and imaginations associated with your major identity or your major ego occupy maximum space in your mind and are always ready to come out. Just a small pin prick and it flows out. 

This pin prick is nothing but your lack of the intensity of your presence  here and now.
When you encounter a situation that does not match with one of your identities, there occurs some uneasiness inside. There is some resistance. Some emotions occur. This emotion invokes all the imaginations in the past that gave rise to similar feelings. The feeling immediately takes you to another land in your imagination, another unwanted and dreadful situation. And the feeling again increases in intensity and invokes more thoughts and imaginations.

Even if the situation is not available in the database of the mind, it will create a situation using all the objects that the mind has gathered till date. Just to enhance the feeling of resistance or uneasiness.

When the person with a sad imaginary identity or a sad ego is not doing anything, his feelings of sadness will pop out. They were already in a pressure tight vessel in the mind and just needs a little pin hole to come out. 
This pinhole is nothing but your lack of presence in the place where you are. 
You always have to force your presence in the place where you are. Since you already have a sad identity, the feeling of resistance to anything pleasant always persists, the uneasiness is always with you. You have become your feeling. You become your uneasiness. To have this feeling to continuously persist, there are imaginations happening all the time of situations in the past, which gave rise to such feelings of resistance. You start imagining all the situations in the past that lead to this feeling of resistance. With those imaginations more sad you become, and more imaginations come up. And this continues.