“Mind”, “Beyond the Mind” and “Innovation”

The mind is nothing but a collection of “Objects” and “Language”. Objects include everything that make up this world, including humans. Language is used to label or define the objects. Objects and their labels and their relation with each other forms “Knowledge”.

My friend is also an object and I have labelled him with his name and related him to me with some language. Unfortunately and unknowingly “I” (Myself) am also a part of my mind, and I have been labelled with a name and related to other objects (including other humans) using language. This relation is a part of my knowledge. So, we come to this conclusion that, objects are real and present in the world outside but the relations are nothing more than fiction which we take is as the truth and these fictional relationships are a cause of ultimate misery of human beings. We take these fictional, language based relationships to be the truth. This is a different topic but it was required in order to explain the mind. Since the objects all over the world are same, the relationships are same, no matter what the language is used, the mind of all the people across the world is the same. It is a collective mind.

If I say the word “Television”, the language being a part of my mind, immediately brings the picture of television in front of me. If I show the picture of a television without using any label or language, the world “television” come to my mind.  This we all know.

Now if I say the word “ksjuojanoihfdaoidh”, since this is a “label” you have not known, the mind is not able to come up with a picture of the said word. Since this is not a code or any kind of encryption, even if you browse through the dictionaries of all the languages of this world, you will not be able to come up with the “object” that is related to the said word. Had you been using a computer for searching, it would have returned “Not found”, it means that it is not a part of its database. If you are searching using Google, it would suggest the nearest known “label” but will not be able to search the picture related to the said word. Your mind will not be able to come up with something related to the given word. The mind will come to a stand still.

But at the same time, since the given word means absolutely nothing – or the given world cannot be used to label any available object, it gives you utter freedom to CREATE ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING ABSTRACT  WITH THIS GIVEN WORD. This  is innovation. This is a process of going beyond the mind. This also proves that there is a space that is beyond the human mind, and this is the space of creativity. This is the space we we need to be in order to continuously innovate.

What I did here is – I created an abstract goal – a goal that cannot be understood by or solved by the human mind. In the process, innovation happened.

This capacity of coming up with absolutely anything abstract is a UNIQUE ABILITY OF HUMAN BEINGS. Innovation is a capability of humans beings and not of computers, no matter how powerful or artificially intelligent the machine is.


Two Ways to Create Conciousness

The only objective of humans is to create consciousness. This should be understood. Consciousness is the Goal. Developing Consciousness is aligning oneself with the supreme intelligence. Developing Consciousness is Creativity. Developing Consciousness is Innovation. Consciousness is allowing creation to act through you.
You do not have to make an objective to create something new or to innovate. You just have to align yourself with Creation. You have to align yourself with existence. You have to make space for the supreme intelligence to occupy that space and work. For that you have to delete some files from your memory and make space for the intelligence, the only intelligence, to work. Then you will be governed by the supreme intelligence and in that space, everything is put right. Everything is restored to its original form. The anomalies are there because we have started using our so called intelligence. 

When space is created, Creation works through and you are just an agent.

There are two ways to Create consciousness or Create Spaces within. There may be more, but I will elaborate on only these two.

1.  Inwardly Directed (In the Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna has referred to it as Antarmukhi, Inwardly directed or facing inwards). This is the way of Gautama Buddha, this is the way of Meditation.

2. Outwardly Directed (In the Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna has referred to it as Bahirmukhi, outwardly directed or facing outwards). This is the way of Krishna, this is the way of Action. This way to create consciousness was told to Arjuna by Lord Krishna, just before the famous battle of Mahabharata, when Arjuna was reluctant to fight. 

Both the routes are different but they help you achieve the same – they create spaces within for the Supreme Intelligence work.

And I will repeat, in this space, the unimaginable can happen. Remember This!

Suffering Deters Creation

We are so much involved in our suffering that we do not create. Our suffering has taken us away from the creative intelligence. It is a vicious cycle. The more we suffer, the more we are involved in our suffering. And the more we are involved in our suffering, the more we go away from creation.

Suffering leads to our involvement with more suffering and everyday it takes us away from the creative intelligence. How can we be with the creative intelligence, we are so involved with suffering. We do no longer create. We have to go to the roots of suffering and eradicate it completely so that we go closer to the creative intelligence, the only one intelligence. 

The moment we remove suffering, we start creating. There is no effort required. It is automatic. The the creative intelligence starts creating through you.

There is one goal for Humans. It is to create Consciousness. Expand it so that it covers the whole universe or rather I should say, covers millions of universes. There is no other goal. Believe me there is no other goal. Remember this.
All confusions is because of this one confusion – whether to create consciousness or not create consciousness. We are afraid, we are skeptical because we do not know what will happen if we enter that space. This is what keeps us in confusion, not only in this life, but life after life. All other confusions, fear, dilemma are branches of this one confusion – Whether to Create or not to create consciousness. This confusion is the confusion of humanity. 
I have written in my previous posts that this consciousness is the supreme intelligence. It is Creation. It is existence. This is the only intelligence that runs everything in this world, starting from the working of microscopic cells in your body to supernovas million of light years away.  It is the same intelligence. This intelligence is what you call is GOD. This intelligence exists in your consciousness.
The intelligence is was there, is there and will be there, whether humans are there or not. This intelligence is the only “Right” and all others are wrong. We have separated ourselves from this intelligence. We have developed our own selves. This separated piece, that we called “our own intelligence” is our ego. It does not allow the supreme intelligence to function. This “our own intelligence” has become a cause of our misery. It has given rise to desires, dreams and Goals. We have forgotten he only goal, because we have separated ourselves and created our own goals. This separates us because we think that we are all and there is nothing else.
But Nature is not. See the tree, see the clouds, see the birds, the animals, the forests. Are they in trouble? No. Humans have put them in so much trouble. We kill animals, cut trees for our selfish desires. We destroy nature. This is a clear proof that we have separated ourselves from that supreme intelligence. 
God or the supreme intelligence does not want you to be sick. It does not want you to suffer. But we do suffer. Both mentally and physically. Go to the hospitals and see the condition there. Go to a mental asylum an see how sad it is. We are all fighting, competing with each other. We are always in a mood to punish each other. We are happy when we exploit another. 

This consciousness is emptiness. It is no-thing-ness. How can it create so much trouble.

It does not want you to fight court battles
It does not want you to have fatal diseases
It does not want you to breakup with your girlfriend
It does not want you to suffer divorce
It does not want you to have a bad relationship with anyone
It does not want you to meet with an accident
It does not want to become handicapped
It does not want you to loose your job

How can it? It is No-thing. No thoughts, no desires, no goals, no objectives. How can it do all these things. It is just it is. It is the “is-ness”.

The moment you have access, all these above mention things will not happen. They will be restored to the original form.

You start healing. There is more and more space. The moment these things do not happen, you become one with the creative intelligence, the only intelligence, and there will open up endless possibilities. Things will start getting restored to what they are supposed to be.

These things occurred because we have created our own intelligence, separated from the supreme intelligence.
I can assure you that if you start creating awareness, if you start creating space, things will change. The supreme intelligence will fill up that space you have created and your life will be aligned with the intelligence, the only intelligence. Remember there is no other intelligence. Our suffering exists because we have created our own intelligence. All that is created is all artificial and thus we have separated from the supreme intelligence.
And in that space so created, Nothing can go wrong. Because all wrong are of humans, all suffering are of humans. We make each other suffer more than anything else. When that space is created everything in your life will be aligned with the supreme and it will be GOD’s will.
We don’t know what the supreme Intelligence will create in the space created. Don’t bother to know. Let it work. Give it space to work. You can only give it an opportunity by creating spaces within.
Remember that your only goal is to create consciousness. And then everything takes care of itself.

Developing Consciousness 1

For doing anything, if it is not a habit or if it is new, you need space. The space will be available if your consciousness expands. Now it is trapped. Even for acting, some amount of consciousness is required. When you go more into it, spaces grow and you keep doing your work. You find space for movement. You start acting. But when you act in that space what will the outcome be, you do not know. Because this space is not yours. The space belongs to Intelligence. The only intelligence available. You do not have to be intelligent, but you have to allow the intelligence to work by creating space. When you create space, you activate the intelligent.

These are some real life examples or situations that will help you understand consciousness so that you can develop awareness. I ll keep posting one after another as and when things happen within me. Because things that happen within me that the things that happen within you. We are one and the same. Our consciousness is the same consciousness. The only difference is our conditioning. The resistance that  I feel is the same resistance that you feel. The words that are used to describe the experience may be different for both of us.
Whenever there is a block, or whenever you find anything difficult, or whenever you are unwilling to do something, understand that your consciousness has been completely consumed by your Mind. To do that new thing, which may be a part of the mind, may be old, even to do that, you will need space. Now there are no spaces left. But consciousness is infinite. The fact is that we are not aware of our consciousness.We are not aware of the infinite capacity of  consciousness. This is only because of our ego and conditioning, because of our mind. 
Example 1:
You drive to work everyday. You take the same route to office most of the days. You are one day transferred to a location which is completely in another part of the city. The route is unknown. The places are unknown. The traffic is unknown. 
You start driving from your house. You do not know the direction. You may use a GPS. On the way you keep looking and may be asking others if required. The kind of traffic is new. There may be more or less vehicles. Driving may be difficult. You will drive slow. You start early, apprehending that you might be late on the first day. 
You finally reach but it was difficult. You were completely engrossed in you driving and searching for your new office. You were driving but you were sometimes irritated. You kept asking yourself, when will you reach you new office and will curse your company for getting you transferred to the new location.
This was because, your entire consciousness was consumed by your mind. It was consumed by the new surroundings, because it was completely new. There was no prior knowledge. It was being obstructed by the existing route to your previous work place. When our consciousness is completely consumed, we become irritated. While driving, any call on you cell phone, you would have been irritated because we become completely blocked. When our consciousness is blocked, we get mentally strained. This inability to take action further becomes a cause for anger and irritation. In such situations some people, who are smokers, stop and have a smoke.
You drive to office everyday and get used to the route. Now it is easy because, the new “thing” was forced into your mind  and it created more space. Your consciousness expands. It is no longer limited to the route to your previous office. New space is created.
Now, after a month may be, you will start talking on the phone while driving, you will listen to the radio, enjoy the new surrounding, enjoy anything on the way. You may start thinking about the meeting that you will have with your team when you are in office or any work that you have to do when you reach. 

And god knows what you might come up with while you are driving to work. It could be an innovation. It could be something new. There are million and one possibilities.
Earlier, driving to office was difficult. Now it is not. Because your consciousness has opened up. You have now more space. Once space created space remains, whether you drive or not and this space can be used for creativity because this space is blank.
In this example, when you drove for the first time, the new route was “something”. But after you drove for a month, it became a “NO-THING”. The new route and the driving vanishes in your consciousness. It does not consume it any longer. Now while you drive, you can do other things simultaneously. You are free while you drive.

When you know something really well. It becomes a NO-THING. Then it does not block your consciousness. When it is new, it “Something”, after it becomes regular or with practice it becomes “NO-THING” it does not occupy or block your consciousness any more.
You have created consciousness this way and this way you have created space for innovation while you drive.

Consciousness and Rebellion

Rebellion is all about freedom. But freedom is not possible if you are trapped in your own minds. We all are trapped in our own minds. The freedom from your minds can only be achieved by accessing consciousness. Because consciousness is free space. You can create anything there. Your mind is old, it is knowledge, it is conditioning. But consciousness is empty. All new things happen in  consciousness. All innovation and creativity happen in consciousness. It is the only intelligence. This intelligence is the only creator. Everything else is the mind. The mind is old, it is knowledge, how can it create?  Everything else is a trap, a trap of the mind. Rebellion can happen only when you access consciousness.

An innovator is a rebel because he dares to take a different path. He takes a path that no one has taken before. He dares to go against the society. He dares to go into the unknown seas.
A rebellion is nothing but moving into consciousness where you can create another road for yourself to walk on by making the knower within yourself evolve. (Please refer to my post – “The Voice, The Knower and the Actor)
But this rebellion will not happen when you are your mind. This will not happen till the time you do away with your thoughts, voices and imaginations. For this rebellion to happen only when you have accessed the universal intelligence and when the intelligence has started working through you.
For rebellion to happen, the knower within you has to evolve. It has to stand outside and see what is going on in your mind. It has to look into your desires, dreams ambitions and moreover your driving forces, the forces that drive you towards anything – your Driving Forces in life and inhibitions
For example – If you are a scientist you have to know what made you make the decision to be a scientist one day. What is the driving force behind every act that you do. You will see that every act of yours is based on something. You will see that every thing that is driving you is all based on your knowledge. You saw, you learnt and now you want to be. 
This is the pattern of your thought and this pattern has to be broken. This pattern is your mind and you are trapped inside your mind. Outside it is consciousness, free space, space for endless opportunities. Once you break this prevailing mind pattern you will have access to consciousness. 
And once this pattern is broken, you have to started slowly accessing your consciousness. You have started being spontaneous.
Knowing this driving force is very important. This driving force has given you a direction in life. But the problem is that the driving force is based on your conditioning, based on your inner voices. These driving forces are based on your knowledge. Now you cannot change lanes. 
You are so much in your mind that you do not believe that there is something else other than the mind. You do not believe that there can be another path. You have become “artificially Intelligent”. You believe in thinking and Imagining. What you do is just browse through the files in your memory. You have become programmed. As long as this programming prevails, you will never be able to be a rebel.
The moment you have started accessing your consciousness, rebellion within you happens and you start walking an unknown path. You will not be bothered by the society, you will not have fear or inhibitions. You will know that once you are having access to this “intelligence”, you can just move and everything will be taken care by this intelligence.
Initially you will not know that you have become a rebel. But you will experience that doing things that you never thought of doing becomes easy. There will be a an excitement and happiness in everything you do. You will be full of energy. You will feel that nothing in this world is impossible. When this happens, you will know that a rebellion has happened within yourself.
Only things is – Consciousness has to be accessed by breaking the prevailing mind patterns.

Robots Do Not Have Consciousness

It is very important to understand the capacity of human beings before we move more into the subject of Innovation. It is important to understand consciousness in order to understand innovation, because innovation happens when one has access to consciousness.

It is important to understand artificial intelligence because, artificial intelligence or robots do not have access to the supreme intelligence, the consciousness. 

Once you know what they do not have, you will  know what you have. Once you know what is the extra that you have, you will know what consciousness is. Because that extra is your consciousness. 

This extra differentiates you from robots or artificial intelligence. We are generally like robots, we are automatic, but the moment you know and experience what you have, you are no longer automatic like a robot, you become human.

Have you ever seen a robot innovating or creating? No. They will not ever create in may be 1000 years from now. Because they will never have access to consciousness. 

Consciousness and Artificial intelligence do no go together. A computer will never have a consciousness.
Let us see how:

For a computer to have a consciousness, consciousness has to be first defined. It has to be made into a “thing”, it has to be made into a program and then fed into the computer. 

Unless you define it, it cannot be fed into the computer. And Consciousness cannot be defined. Consciousness is the creative intelligence. How can it be defined. If it could be defined, we all would become God. Defining consciousness is absurd. So in short, computers or artificial intelligence cannot have a consciousness. Since they cannot have a conscience, they cannot have access to the supreme Intelligence, the Creative  force which makes everything happen. Artificial intelligence cannot create.
In my post “The voice, the knower and the Actor”, I have said that humans are divided into the voice – which  is the voice of the ego. The voice is the product of our conditioning, our imaginations. And most of the time we are one with the voice. We follow the voice without knowing that the voice exists. It is as if that the voice is the all that we have. The voice is a product of years of conditioning and it is so ingrained in us that we cannot do away with it. The voice is our mind. 
That, there is a knower, it is the one who knows. Knows what? It knows all about the voice and imaginations. But, generally, with all of us, the knower has not yet evolved. Which means we are not aware of the voices and imaginations. The knower is compared to the internal eyes and years. Since we live in our minds, we live with the voice, and take the voice as the only truth.
But the fact is that, we can know the voice as well as the imaginations. Once we  know the voices and imaginations, a revolution happens. To know means we are no longer with the voice. Which means we are no longer with our egos. Knowing the voice and Imaginations means, that we are out of it and can now have a choice, we can defy the voice or the imagination.
I spoke about the actor. The actor is our physical body, which does the work, which acts. Since, normally we are one with the voice, we blindly follow the voice. We say loudly what the voice says inside. In  normal case we do not have any option and go with the voice. But this is till the time our knower becomes active. When we know the voice, we can choose between what is required at the moment and what the voice says. Our actions will no longer be as per the voice which is old but as per requirement. We will be spontaneous. 
If I compare this with a computer, with the so called artificially intelligent computer, the voice or the imagination will be the program which makes the computer work. The actor will be the output device or in case of the robot, it will be the robot doing physical work. 
So, the program in the computer is compared to our Ego, the inner voice and the robot is compared to the actor. 
But in case of a robot, one things is missing – THE KNOWER. The internal eyes and years are missing in case of a robot. And this differentiates a human being from a robot. 
A robot can never be aware of its own program because he himself is the program. 
While a human being can be very much aware of his thoughts and imaginations, his desires, the driving force that makes him work. But a robot cannot. 
The robot can reproduce the code that is written in its memory, it can tell you what it is. BUT HE WILL HIMSELF NEVER KNOW ABOUT IT
This is because the robot cannot be aware. The knower is not available with the robot. There is no space available to the robot from where he can stand and watch himself.  This is because, he will invariably need a program to stand on. The moment he stands on a program, he will again not be able to know what the program is.
With a program available, he can write another program and jump from one program to another. After jumping to the second program, he will know what “HE USED TO BE” before the jump. BUT HE WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT HE IS. 
But humans can very well know what he is. The moment he becomes aware of his thought patterns, the thoughts that repeatedly come, his imaginations, his driving force, his desires and dreams, he will know who he is. But the robot can never. THERE IS NO SPACE AVAILABLE FOR THE ROBOT TO STAND AND WATCH HIS OWN PROGRAM, HE CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT A PROGRAM.
Because of the simple reason that the robot does not exist without the program. A human can exist without the ego. The moment a human does away with his ego, he becomes enlightened. He becomes a Buddha. Because humans have access to the supreme Intelligence, The only one intelligence. But a robot can never have access to the supreme intelligence.
Robots do not have consciousness. The access to this consciousness gives rise to Rebellion. But robots are not capable of a rebellion because they do not have consciousness. No matter how much you argue, robots will always remain slaves. 
There are reasons for building robots. The reasons are deep embedded in the human mind. The following quote of mine will make things clear:
“The very fact that we have started building “obedient” and so called “Artificially” intelligent robots proves that human beings cannot be made slaves. So we take the artificial way. Now we want artificial slaves. What a joke!
This also proves our tendency to dominate and our inability to accept humans as they are. 
The invention of robots also proves the fact that we want servants, slaves and NOT INDIVIDUALS. This also proves that we always want to be superior and want people would not defy us…we all want to be emperors.
The need for slaves, the need for people to obey us, be faithful to us has given rise to artificially intelligent robots”

Understanding Consciousness Part 2

The basis of innovation is this consciousness. All creations happen in this space. You may not understand or define consciousness, but to innovate you must know that it exists.

This is a continuation of my previous post.
My thoughts here are again haphazard, I have put down whatever has come in my mind randomly.
Consciousness cannot be defined or understood. But you will surely know that it is there. There is enough evidence that it is there.
Humans are always in a dilemma. I am not talking about the small dilemmas of day to day life. And for a dilemma there has to be “two” and these two things are “Mind” and “Consciousness”. There is a major dilemma and all small dilemmas are branches of the major dilemma that is – Humans are stuck between – “Mind” and “No-Mind”. There is a dilemma because you do not know what it is, but it is there. 

If it was only the mind, only “Objects” then there would have been no dilemma. Or it was only the consciousness, only   “space” even then there would have been no dilemma. But the truth is that, humans are somewhere between – Objects and Space. And for a dilemma there has to be “two” and these two things are “Mind” and “Consciousness”.
Humans are indecisive. What gives rise to this indecisiveness? Indecisiveness means the inability for humans to make a decision. When you have have to make a decision? When there are more than one options available. 
You are indecisive because you have imagined the two or more options available. You have seen it in your mind. To imagine, you need space. All these imaginations are happening in your consciousness.
You hear the inner talk with the help of your inner years, you see the imaginations with your inner eyes. There is an inner world. Development of your inner eyes and ears is developing awareness. This is developing of your the “Knower”. The more aware you are of the inner world, the more you know, because, you have to get out of the mind and see the mind from the hill top. You need a space to stand. The place where you will stand and watch is your consciousness.
Consciousness is the place where this inner argument happens. There has to be space somewhere for this inner argument to happen. Something should move from here to there and then again back here. Something is moving. There is space required for this movement.
For someone like the Buddha, this space is as big as the universe, it is unending. The inner argument becomes so small that it has no existence. His consciousness becomes a part of “Creation” or “Existence”. A Buddha is no longer driven by his mind or thoughts or inner voice. He becomes one with existence. He becomes a part of “universal” intelligence, which is the only intelligence.
You must have noticed that we are always in a hurry. We walk hurriedly, we talk hurriedly, we work hurriedly and are always try to finish what we are doing. This is because we are more in our inner worlds and we try to avoid the outer. If we walk fast or drive fast, we will skip the external, we are not allowing the external to come in, or the “new” to come in. What it is that is blocking the “new”? There must be something, but where is it? The internal world is blocking the external “new” from entering your “space” or Consciousness. The internal is stationed in your Consciousness. It is another world, as big as the world outside. 
The space where the internal is stationed is your consciousness.
In my post, “Ego -The Greatest Obstacle to Creativity and Innovation”, I have written that the mind of a new born baby is Blank. It is not actually the mind that is blank. The mind can never be blank. 
Mind is nothing but a “all-jumbled-up” collection of thoughts, imaginations, inner voice and all our learning. How can it be blank?
Mind is generally thought of as a box where our thoughts lives. There is no box. A box means that there is a boundary. A box means there is a limitation. It is actually the thoughts, dreams and imagination floating in Consciousness. 
These thoughts and dreams become your mind and the rest is free space. This free space is consciousness.
But we are only aware of these thoughts, dreams and Imaginations, but not the space where these thoughts live. The whole space is open and unending. You will never be able to see the end, if you want. This space is the place for countless possibilities.
This space also tells us that humans are “Infinite”. Human beings are boundless. Humans have all the abilities to absorb all the good and the bad in the space. Once you are aware of this space, you become that space and all the opposites (Good, bad, right and wrong) become a part of this space. You take everything on your side, you take everything with you.
A new born baby’s mind is pure consciousness. As it takes in more and more information from the senses, the mind forms with time. And the baby when grows up and becomes a man. He is only aware of these thoughts and Imaginations, lives in the thoughts and imaginations being completely unaware of the place where these thoughts live. He is unaware that this space is not his mind and this space is available to him. This space is unexplored. 
The ability of Consciousness to absorb everything, without a program” is what differentiates humans from robots and Pure Intelligence from “artificial intelligence”. 
Consciousness contains the universal intelligence or if the universe is considered limited, it is the intelligence of the space that contains the universe and beyond. It is the only intelligence. It is the intelligence that makes everything happens.
Humans can learn without being programmed. The consciousness is “Space” and contains everything. May be it is the only “program” that governs everything in this universe. It is the only intelligence.
It is like vacuum and takes in whatever it encounters, and still has endless capacity. 
Robot cannot learn without a program. The basis of artificial intelligence is a computer program. The program is a product of human mind. Something old, something of the past. The robot is not a robot unless it is programmed. 
The basis of humans is consciousness – “space”, beyond the mind. The mind with all its knowledge is a part of consciousness. The mind is human, consciousness is divine
The basis of an artificially intelligent robot is Program, it is a product of the mind. And the mind is a part of consciousness. So a robot no matter how powerful it is, it will always be inferior to intelligence. 
The robot has not come out of the universal intelligence, which is the only intelligence. It has not come out without human intervention. Robots did not exist before humans exists. And that is why it is artificial. It is artificial but not intelligent. It can never be.
The mind is human, consciousness is divine. Artificial intelligence is a part of the mind. To understand better – The mind is a subset of Consciousness, and artificial intelligence is a part of the mind. 
It goes one way like – Consciousness >>Mind>>Artificial Intelligence.  Anything that is of the mind is not consciousness, it is “matter”, it is an “object”, and consciousness is neither matter nor object. Artificial Intelligence  is confined to the mind. Since it is of the mind, it stays within the mind and  completely unaware of “no-mind”. It can be either mind or consciousness or in other words, Object or space. Space cannot be object and object cannot be space. 

When a person is Enlightened, the consciousness becomes pure. He does away with the mind, or matter or objects and surrenders to the universal intelligence. This is what happened to Gautama, the Buddha. He became divine.

But what happens when you clear the mind of the robot? It stops. It becomes dead. A robot or Artificial intelligence remains in the mind, in the objects, in the programming. Once you remove that, it dies.

Understanding Consciousness Part 1

Consciousness cannot be defined and hence cannot be understood by the mind. It can only be experienced. If it was defined it would have become a “thing” and it would have become a part of your mind. It would have become a thought. That is why consciousness has not been defined till date. It cannot be defined.
Consciousness can only be experienced. However there are proofs of its existence. Anything that can be experienced, exists. Some thing that you know, something that is within your ken, may not exist, you may only know it.
Following are some of my thoughts on what the consciousness is. They are haphazard and not in order, but it will give you some feeling about the fact that it exists.

It has to be random. It can only be felt. There is no definition of consciousness.

In my opinion, Consciousness can be defined as “unlimited space”. It is the space in which everything happens. There is no difference between outer space and our consciousness. 

Consciousness contains everything that you can “think of”.

All your thoughts are a part of your consciousness. 
All your imaginations are a part of consciousness.
Consciousness is the medium in which all thoughts and imaginations happen. 

Consciousness is the place where the inner talk happens. Everything internal happens in consciousness.

If you are able to know your inner talk, if you are able to see what are the imaginations. Then you have created space and you have gone beyond your mind and have accessed consciousness.
It is another universe. In the universe, real things happen, in human consciousness imaginary things happen.
Whatever is outside, is also inside. There is another universe inside.
Consciousness gives you freedom. Freedom to make a choice. When consciousness evolves, one no longer is dependent on the thoughts and are not controlled by the thoughts. He becomes free to do anything. 

All innovations happen in the spaces available when awareness develops. When one is able to get over thoughts and access the vast space of Consciousness. 

It is blank space is you are free to create anything there.
In the post – The voice, the knower and the Actor, I have mentioned that there are voices inside. There is someone talking all the time and if we sit quietly, we will be able to hear that voice. I have also mentioned about imaginations.
Your mind consists of these voices and Imaginations. 
There is someone or something who is aware of these voices and Imaginations. I have defined that “someone” or “something” as the “Knower”

The knower is the “Awareness”. When you develop awareness, when you develop more and more eyes and ears inside, you are developing consciousness. You are becoming spacious inside.
Consciousness is the sum of “Voices and Imaginations and the Knower”. Unless the knower evolves, you will not be able to understand consciousness.
Consciousness is unending so it can be taken as a constant. 
The “Knower” or awareness has to be developed. It has not evolved as yet in humans, otherwise, this would not have been the condition of humanity as it is today.
We are unaware that consciousness can be as unending as the universe. More the knower, lesser the voices. The voices are nothing as compared to the knower. But for someone who is not a “Buddha”, there are only voices and Imaginations. There is no knower. The consciousness is confined only the the voices and imaginations. He is left with no choice. He works like a robot, artificially intelligent. Artificially intelligent because he has no access to the supreme Intelligence, which is the only intelligence.
For him It is “tight”. There is no space left. only when there is space, the knower can get inside and look at or know the voices and Imaginations.
One day if our awareness may grow to that extent that the voices and Imaginations may completely vanish. It is as if, a speck of sand in the universe. It will have no existence.
A state of no thought is consciousness. In this situation, the consciousness will only consist of the knower and there will be no voices inside.
As awareness grows, more and more space is available to us “inside”.This space gives us freedom.
Another point – We dream. In our dreams, we are a part. If the dream is considered to be a movie for the sake of understanding, we are one of the protagonists. But who then is watching the dream. It is your awareness who is watching the dream. The inner eyes are watching the dream.
Consciousness is the medium in which the dream happens.

I ll keep writing again and again on consciousness as and when I experience an expansion of consciousness. I ll try to relate it to our day to day experiences so that all of you reading my posts will understand.

Human Vs Robots

The very fact that we have started building “obedient” and  so called “Artificially” intelligent robots proves that human beings cannot be made slaves. So we take the artificial way.
Now we want artificial slaves because we cannot have real slaves. What a joke!

This also proves our tendency to dominate and our inability to accept humans as they are. 

The invention of robots also proves the fact that we want servants, slaves and NOT INDIVIDUALS. This also proves that we always want to be superior and want people would not defy us…we all want to be emperors.

The need for slaves, the need for people to obey us, be faithful to us has given rise to so called “artificially intelligent” robots.

Any kind of slavery is bound to give rise to an uprising.

And this also proves that humans are very unpredictable. That, humans beings change”

I have been saying in my previous posts that humans have the ability to act as per the requirement of the situation, without referring to the files stored in his memory. He can act without any knowledge of what needs to be done right here and right now. This ability to act spontaneously is called Intelligence. It is a gift. It is a gift that has been given by existence or Creation to us.
This is what separates a robot, however powerful it might be, or however “artificially intelligent” you might call him. He will not be able to act without referring to his memory. 

Even if a robot is a learning machine. It will not be able to. It has to first learn, store all the data and parameters related to that situation in his memory and refer it when he faces a  similar situation in future. A little change in the situation and it will not be able to take proper action. 

It is the very nature of existence that things change, every second things and situations are changing. Every moment is new. It becomes almost impossible for the robot to be effective in such an ever changing world. 

This takes away the label of “Artificially Intelligent” given to the robot by us.

A robot is programmed. No matter how good you program it. The program has come from your mind. 

The program might be an innovation, but by the time you program the robot with the same new program, It has become old. The program was an innovation, when you were creating it. It was an innovation when you were with the program. Then creation was acting through you. But once created it became old, it was no longer an innovation. 

Innovation is not the result, but the process of Creation of something new. The moment it is created, it becomes old.It no longer remains an innovation.

All programs that are fed to the robot are old. They are a part of your memory and your memory is old. No matter now many situations you make the robot learn so that it can take appropriate action under similar circumstances, all these situation are old. They might not come in future again. And as per the very law of nature, things are changing. Under such circumstances, a robot never comes closer to a human being.

A robot cannot align itself with Creation or cannot become an agent or existence. But Humans can.

Have you ever seen a robot create? Have you ever seen a robot innovate? No. 

Have you ever seen a robot being enlightened? Have you ever seen a robot becoming Buddha? No.

It is our consciousness that has given us the ability to innovate. It is our consciousness that has given ourselves the ability to act spontaneously to a situation, without using our minds. It is our consciousness that has given the ability to get Enlightened.

Robots do not have consciousness. Robots do not innovate.

If you are able to see this distinction between robots and humans, you will know a lot about innovation and creativity. 

Artificial Intelligence is a Myth

Artificial Intelligence is a not possible. It is a myth. 

If it is intelligence it cannot be artificial and if it is artificial, it is a copy, it cannot be Intelligence at all. 

We are all crazy people. We make thinking and creativity go together as “Creative Thinking” and we make a Intelligence and Artificial go together as “Artificial Intelligence”.

Intelligence cannot be artificial. 

There is only one intelligence. It is the same intelligence that makes your heart beat, that makes the earth rotate in its axis and revolve around the sun. It is the same intelligence that makes millions of cells in your body perform their functions. 

It is the same intelligence that makes all the people in the world look different.

 It is the same intelligence that makes the rivers flow. It is the same intelligence that creates beautiful flowers, forests, trees, oceans. It is the same intelligence that makes clouds float in the sky.

You say it is your body. But is it really your body? Are you making your heart beat? Are you in control of your breathing? You cannot control your breathing. You cannot hold it for long. When we have a wound, the wound heals automatically. Medicines are there only to accelerate the process. They just act as catalysts. Sometimes when some illness goes out of hand, medicines don’t work. Every second millions of cells are forming and other cells are getting destroyed. Every single cell in the body is performing its function without fail. 

There are millions of life forms, insects, bacteria, etc etc., performing their function.

Tell me, are you in control of these activities? NO.

Then who is? If you are not in control of these activities, then something else is definitely in control. Otherwise how are these things happening? It is for sure that there is an intelligence far superior than ours.

We call ourselves intelligent beings. But we are not intelligent. 

Being intelligent is also a myth. 

We are so foolish that we compare our intelligence with each other as if we own it. As if the existence has distributed intelligence unequally among all of us. 

It is utter foolishness. It cannot be.

Because the Intelligence is not yours. The intelligence is one.

You cannot gather intelligence or grow intelligence. You cannot practice or cultivate intelligence. 

It already exists and it is not separate. It does not belong to you or any one of us.

It is the Creation. There is only one intelligence and that is Creation. There is no creator. But Creation is the Intelligence. 

Creation is continuously creating. There is not a single moment when creation has stopped creating. The process is continuously on. Creation does not get tired. There must be some energy, some unending energy that is making all of it happen, continuously without fail.

The very fact that we have evolved over billions of years proves that creation is in the process of creating. Not only us. How life started on earth and what is it today tells us that nature or creation is in the process of continuous creation. If you read a Pre-historic book, you will know what was earth billions of years ago and what it is today.

When humans were not there, some million years ago, nature was still in the process of creation. There was no human intervention was still things were moving. There was surely some intelligence at work. 

This is the only intelligence available. You cannot add an adjective to this intelligence. It is just there. 

But it is not yours. You are a nobody. Never say that you are very intelligent. I know you can very quickly browse through the files stored in your memory but this process of browsing is not Intelligence. It is thinking. It is old. It is of the past. It is your accumulated past. And you think that it is all that is there. The content in your memory and your ability to browse though it, perform permutation and combination makes you think that you are Intelligent. But this is again, not Intelligence. 

There is only one creator, the Creation. The intelligence is the intelligence of  Creation and there is no other. 

You shall be able to create, the moment you become aligned with Creation. You start Creating when you have become an agent of Creation. You start creating when you have kept your mind aside and have started doing what creation wants you to do.

You start creating when the Intelligence has started using you as a medium. It is as if your mind does not work any longer. You do the physical work using the Intelligence of Creation. The Intelligence uses your physical presence in this earth to accomplish something to create something. Your mind is removed and gets filled up with the one and only Intelligence.

You will never know what creation wants you to create. You will know when it has been created. Not before that.

Understanding this is the first step towards creativity.